How do I remove my Panasonic stereo?

How do you remove a radio without a tool?

How to remove car stereo without tools

  1. Take two knives (or similar flat objects, hard plastic box covers, long screw drivers, etc.).
  2. Slide knives to both sides between metal frame and radio.
  3. Knives open the locks.
  4. Pull both knives outwards while turning the sharp ends of the knives towards each other. Radio comes out a bit.
  5. Pull the knives out.

11 окт. 2013 г.

How do you use radio removal tool?

Simply insert the proper tool and wait for the «notch» feel. Once you feel the notch, apply force away from the radio towards the rear of the vehicle to remove the radio from the dash.

How do you remove a factory car stereo?

How to Remove a Factory Car Stereo

  1. Locate the screws that hold the dash plate in place. Then, use the appropriate screwdriver to remove them by turning them counterclockwise until they come out of the holes. …
  2. Remove the stereo bolts. …
  3. Put your hand behind the stereo and grasp the antenna wire. …
  4. Disconnect the power.
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How do you remove a key from a car stereo?

Just insert key tool into the right and left side factory holes and pull release radio out. For use on aftermarket car stereos.

Do I need to disconnect battery to change stereo?

It’s recommended procedure to disconnect your car battery before making any electrical changes. … In reality you can often disconnect something like the radio without much risk of damage and speakers are extremely low risk since they are not connected directly to the battery.

How do you take a radio out of a truck?

Grab the stereo by its outer edge and pull it straight back. Continue sliding it until it comes out of the radio socket. Be careful not to drop it once it’s free. You might have to jiggle the radio a bit to work it out of position.

How do you remove an Alpine car stereo without the key?

Use a flat head screwdriver to carefully pry up the plastic bezel surrounding your stereo. There are several plastic tabs holding the bezel in place, so start on one side and work around until the bezel loosens. Once it is loose, slide it off of your stereo.

How do I unlock my Ford radio without the code?

Press and hold buttons 1 & 6 together. The radio will go through a series of information on the display, the ONLY information that will be your serial will begin «M» or «V» followed by 6 digits. If nothing shows doing this move onto the next step, this is pressing and holding down buttons 2 & 6.

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How can I remove 6000cd without key?

You can usually get them out with a wire coat hanger, cut into to 8 inch lengths and then bent round to make 2 U shapes that fit into the holes on either side. Poke em in and then push the coat hanger tools outwards (away from each other) whilst pulling on the headunit fascia.

How do you use the Ford stereo removal tool?

The OTC Ford radio removal tool is easy to use just insert tools into the holes on the radio face plate to release the retaining clips, then use them as a handle to pull the radio from the instrument panel.

Does supercheap auto install stereos?

Is it time to upgrade your in car stereo? … Supercheap Auto stock a range of head units and are now here to help in having this installed in your car. Our partners are fully qualified and we can assist in booking in an installation on a day and time that suits you.