How do I put videos side by side?

Is there an app to put videos side by side?

PicPlayPost. Available for free for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. PicPlayPost is the de facto app for creating video collages for Instagram and other uses. There are options for different screen ratios, a range of creative frames and you have the ability to add your own watermark (for a price).

How do you put multiple videos in one frame?

More videos on YouTube

  1. Step 1: Choose the desired split screen effect. Click the Split Screen button on the top and then preview them to select the desired split screen preset. …
  2. Step 2: Add videos to the Split screen preset. …
  3. Step 3: Preview and Export.

How do I make a split screen video for free?

Below are the detailed steps about how to make a split screen video with this split screen video editor.

  1. 1 Import the media files.
  2. 2 Choose a split screen preset.
  3. 3 Add videos to the preset.
  4. 4 Edit Audio [Optional]
  5. 5 Save the split screen video.
  6. 1 Drag and Drop Video Clips to timeline.
  7. 2 Adjust Position, Resize, and add Mask.

How do you put videos side by side on iPhone?

Part 2: How to Create Split Screen Video Using iMovie for iPhone/iPad

  1. Launch your iMovie APP on your iPad/iPhone – Click on start a new project.
  2. Add both sets of videos simultaneously.
  3. Click on the ellipsis and choose the split mode.
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How do I put Tiktok videos side by side?

To begin, you browse to an existing video and click the icon to share it. The duet option appears at the bottom of the screen. Select it and you see the shared video playing as you record and edit your own, timing it to match. Finally, the two videos are combined into one, right side and left side, ready to share.

How do you put pictures side by side on iPhone?

To do this, click on the reside button. Go back to the editor then resize each photo by tapping and pinching them. Then, tap and drag them side-by-side.