How do I permanently delete recommended channels on YouTube?

For starters, you can now remove suggestions from channels you don’t want to watch, with YouTube admitting that its algorithms “don’t always get it right.” Tapping the three-dot overflow menu next to videos on the homepage and Up Next will present a new “Don’t recommend channel” button.

How do I get rid of recommended channels on YouTube?

YouTube admits that it doesn’t always get its suggestions right, so it will let users remove suggested channels that they don’t want to watch. You’ll be able to click the three-dot menu next to a video and select «don’t recommend channel.» YouTube will also attempt to make it easier to find content you do want.

How do I get rid of recommended videos at the end of YouTube?

You can turn off the end suggested video by turning on the autoplay option which automatically plays the next video in the suggested without showing all the suggested.

How do I fix my YouTube recommendations?

Step 1: Open the YouTube app and tap on the user silhouette near the top right. Make sure you see your profile here, otherwise you’ll need to log in. Step 2: Tap the overflow menu in the top right corner and head to Settings > Notifications. Step 3: Toggle the switch next to Recommended videos.

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Can you turn off end cards on YouTube?

Click the gear icon in the menu bar along the bottom edge of the video player. A settings panel will pop up with a toggle switch to turn off annotations. Note: this switch will also turn off YouTube’s new interactive cards. The third approach is the nuclear option.

How do YouTube recommendations work?

The recommendation stream is a two-fold process for the algorithm. First, it ranks videos by assigning them a score based on performance analytics data. (Scroll down for our list of all known factors.) Second, it matches videos to people based on their watch history, and what similar people have watched.

How do I get my YouTube video recommended?

  1. #1 Make “Engaging” Video Content. …
  2. #2 Encourage “Engagement Actions” …
  3. #3 Optimize YouTube Video Titles. …
  4. # 4 Optimize YouTube Video Meta Data. …
  5. #5 Interlink Videos via Annotations, Playlists. …
  6. #6 Upload Compelling Custom Thumbnails. …
  7. #7 Start YouTube Sessions. …
  8. Potential Road Bumps.

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What is the best video setting for YouTube?

Like most online resources, YouTube recommends using the H. 264 video codec for best results. Again, like we talked about with Vimeo, choosing the High Profile H. 264 setting instead of the standard setting is recommended for uploading HD Video.

Why does YouTube keep recommending old videos?

Originally Answered: Why does YouTube keep on recommending videos I’ve already watched? As mentioned by others already, YouTube has publicly announced they’ll recommend videos you’ve already watched because it’s highly likely you’ll watch it again.