How do I move Minecraft from HDD to SSD?

How do I move my .minecraft to another drive?

Wait for the list of installed apps to populate. Scroll down the list and find Minecraft in the list. Click it and you will see a Move button. Click the move button and a small menu will open where you can select a drive to move Minecraft to.

How do I change where Minecraft is installed?

3 Answers

  1. Create a «Minecraft» folder on a shared drive. …
  2. Start the Minecraft Launcher and click on Installations.
  3. Hover over the profile you want to change, click on … , then Edit .
  4. Enter the folder on your shared drive in the Box labeled «Game Directory». …
  5. Repeat on the other OS.

13 февр. 2016 г.

Does Minecraft run better on SSD?

The running state of the game appears to be largely CPU-bound (on one thread, at that). Your frame rates will probably stay close to the same. SSDs have a much higher read/write speed than a standard HDD, so your initial startup, load times, and chunk loading would be significantly faster.

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Should I rebuy Minecraft?

You do not have to repurchase Minecraft if you haven’t played for a while or you’ve switched devices. If you need to redownload the game, visit this page and follow the instructions for the version you prefer (or all of them, if you need to!) … If you already own the game, you can download it from there.

How do you import worlds into Minecraft?


  1. From the Minecraft start screen, click “PLAY»
  2. Click the icon that reads «IMPORT» on the Play screen.
  3. Find the . mcworld file and select it to import.

17 авг. 2020 г.

How do I put Minecraft on my SSD?

1 Answer

  1. Find the location of where your current launcher is located. …
  2. Copy this Minecraft folder, and paste it into your new SSD wherever you’d like.
  3. Find where the actual game files are (the .minecraft file). …
  4. Copy the . …
  5. Launch the launcher from your SSD, and go to «Launch Options.»

19 сент. 2017 г.

Can I run Minecraft on an external hard drive?

Of course you can play on other computer. Just adjust the profile settings and point to the plugged external drive. Before starting the launcher make sure, the drive is plugged in.

How do you transfer Minecraft save files?

Step 1 Open the Folder and Copy the Files

  1. Look for the «Saves» folder in the window that pops up, and click it.
  2. Inside will be all of your offline Minecraft worlds. …
  3. Now go to your flash drive folder (or whatever else you want) and right click. …
  4. The save will then be copied onto that folder, leaving the original intact.
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8 июл. 2011 г.

Is Minecraft bad for SSD?

Running Minecraft from an ssd can really improve performance and won’t hurt anything.

How much SSD do I need for Minecraft?

RAM: 8GB. GPU: GeForce 700 Series or AMD Radeon Rx 200 Series (excluding integrated chipsets) with OpenGL 4.5. HDD: 4GB (SSD is recommended)

Do I have to buy Minecraft for each child?

Each player needs their own Minecraft account, so you’ll have to pay again if you want to play with your child: one account for you, one for your child. … Only the person who sets up the world needs a paid subscription, and they can invite others to play with them.

How do I download Minecraft without buying it?

To install the game, go to and download the game client. You can download the game client even if you don’t own the game, but you will only be able to play the demo mode. After downloading the client, double-click the icon to run it.

Do I have to buy Minecraft for each device?

Minecraft is sold separately on each platform, so transferring licenses is not possible. Deleted Minecraft applications can be re-downloaded using the same store account and device type on which it was purchased. You can visit your device’s marketplace, search for Minecraft, and re-download the app for free.