How do I host my website on Synology NAS?

Can I host a website on my NAS?

We can definitely say that it’s possible to use NAS as web hosting. That’s because you can host files in NAS. However, you need to customize it so that it can be connected to a separate web server. You’ll still need to install that web server and manually connect the webserver to the NAS device.

Is there a Web browser for Synology?

No. There is no browser for DSM.

How do I use WordPress on Synology?

1. WordPress Synology NAS Package Install Instructions

  1. Open Synology’s Package Center and install the WordPress package.
  2. You will be informed that WordPress will automatically install a few different packages. Select Yes. …
  3. Create a password for the MariaDB package that’s installed.

17 дек. 2020 г.

How do I map my Synology NAS?

To map a network drive with Synology Assistant:

  1. Launch Synology Assistant.
  2. Find your Synology NAS and select it. …
  3. Enter your username and password and click Next.
  4. Select the shared folder you wish to connect to and click Next.
  5. Select a letter for your drive. …
  6. Check the summary of your mapped drive.
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Is it safe to host a website from home?

It’s a Security Risk

Running a server on your home network is a huge security risk, as hosting it at your house exposes your public IP address to the world. This leaves you open to malware being installed on the host computer or DDOS attacks that could shut off your home internet completely.

How do I setup a web server at home?

How to Create Your Own Server at Home for Web Hosting

  1. Choose Your Hardware. …
  2. Choose Your Operating System: Linux or Windows? …
  3. Is Your Connection Suited for Hosting? …
  4. Set up and Configure Your Server. …
  5. Set up Your Domain Name and Check It Works. …
  6. Know How to Create Your Own Server at Home for Web Hosting the Right Way.

19 дек. 2019 г.

What is Synology Download?

Download Station is a web-based download application which allows you to download files from the Internet through BT, FTP, HTTP, NZB, FlashGet, QQDL, and eMule, and subscribe to RSS feeds to keep you updated on the hottest or latest BT.

How do I access my Synology NAS?


  1. Go to Control Panel > QuickConnect.
  2. Check the Enable QuickConnect box.
  3. If you do not have a Synology Account, click Log in to or register a Synology Account. …
  4. Create your own QuickConnect ID in the QuickConnect ID field. …
  5. If you do not see the QuickConnect DSM link, click Advanced and make sure DSM is enabled.

How do I install multiple wordpress sites on Synology NAS?

  1. Create as many folders you need in the web folder.
  2. Download wordpress from
  3. Unzip the wordpress file.
  4. Copy the files to each folder you created.
  5. Start wp config in each folder.
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How do I access files from Synology NAS in my local network?

File sharing: How to access files on Synology NAS within the local network (NFS)?

Please follow the steps below.

  1. Log into DSM with an account belonging to the administrators group.
  2. Go to Control Panel > File Services.
  3. On the Win/Mac/NFS tab, tick the box Enable NFS.
  4. Click Apply to save settings.

How do I access files from Synology NAS outside the local network?

To be able to access your NAS shared files from outside of your local network, you need to forward the port «5006» (on your router) to the NAS IP address (e.g. «192.168. 1.199»).

Can I connect Synology NAS directly to PC?

Can I connect Synology Diskstation NAS directly to a PC or Mac? If you are planning to connect your Synology NAS to your PC over USB, then no, you can not. NAS means network attached storage and is being connected to a network.