How do I get video from OBS?

How do I get OBS to record my screen?

Once you’ve selected a source like your entire display or a single window, click the “Start Recording” button at the bottom right corner of the window. OBS will immediately begin recording. Click the “Stop Recording” button when you want to stop. OBS will save your video to disk when you stop recording.

Can you record with OBS without streaming?

Recording Presentations with OBS

With OBS you can record your content without live streaming, which is a great way of preparing pre-recorded live presentations.

Why does OBS show a black screen?

However, in order for OBS to capture efficiently, OBS itself must be running on the same GPU as the image you wish to capture. If OBS is running on adapter A, and an image is being drawn on adapter B, you will get a black screen when trying to capture it.

How does live streaming work?

The web server sends the selected file to watch to the streaming server, which in turn sends back the selected file directly to you in real time, using either a real time protocol (RTP), a real-time streaming protocol (RTSP), or a real-time transport control protocol (RTCP).

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Can I use OBS with zoom?

Connecting Video Between OBS and Zoom

You can now use the virtual camera output inside of OBS to send your OBS video output into Zoom. To do this, simply click the Virtual Camera Output button. … You will then be able to bring in everything happening in Zoom into your OBS production.

Why is my display capture not working OBS?

OBS display capture Fix #1 Step by Step process

Make sure the “App Preference” is set to “Classic App” and click browse. Go to “Local Disk C” > “Program Files” > “obs-studio” > “bin” > and finally “64bit”. … Finally, restart OBS and your problem should be solved.

Is OBS good for recording?

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free piece of software that is designed for streaming and recording audio and video sources on Mac or Windows. It is a lightweight yet flexible tool that is essential for vloggers, live-streamers, filmmakers and podcasters alike.

Is OBS a virus?

Well, it is not a virus when downloaded from the OBS site or it’s Github repository.

Can I use Streamlabs OBS to record videos?

Although Streamlabs OBS is known in particular for its live streaming capabilities, it is also possible to record your computer screen as well. … Many of the settings we discuss here will have to be adjusted for performance and quality if you want to live stream and record at the same time.

Is Streamlabs better than OBS?

Streamlabs OBS is ultimately an advancement of OBS with increased functionality. Streamlabs OBS is essentially the same OBS code revamped with a better user experience. This software is also free and offers an even easier installation process than OBS.

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What is streaming and recording?

Streaming and recording systems grab audio and video from nearly any type of source including HDMI, SDI, DVI, USB and network sources via NDI, SRT, and RTSP IP protocols. Devices you can capture include up to 4k cameras, laptops, medical devices and much more.