How do I get sound through HDMI to VGA adapter?

Hi. VGA does not support audio, so unfortunately you will have to run audio out from another source. You could use the 3.5mm headphone line out. This should work, have you changed the default audio device while the 3.5mm line out is plugged into the laptop?

Does HDMI to VGA carry audio?

HDMI cables transmit both video and audio signals, but VGA cables are only able to transmit video. The back of the VGA adapter features a 3.5mm audio jack that allows you to attach an audio cable (not included) to your speakers or display so you can enjoy both audio and video from your HDMI-enabled device.

How do I get sound through my VGA monitor?

DVI and VGA are both incapable of supporting an audio signal, even if they’re converted to HDMI (which does support audio). To get audio, you’ll need to use a separate audio cable.

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How do I get sound from PC to TV using VGA?

  1. Connect one end of a VGA cable to your computer’s VGA port. …
  2. Connect and secure the other end of the VGA cable to the «VGA,» «D-Sub» or «PC-Input» port on the back of your TV.
  3. Plug one end of a 3.5 mm audio cable into your computer or speaker’s headphone jack. …
  4. Power on your computer and TV.

Why is my HDMI to VGA adapter not working?

Also a broadcast engineer. If it is an HDMI to VGA cable and not an HDMI to VGA adapter then it will never work. … If it is an adapter then check your graphics settings to see what they say about the monitor, if it says nothing then try another display/TV/etc.

What is HDMI to VGA adapter used for?

What does an HDMI to VGA adapter do? An HDMI to VGA converter (also called an adapter) allows you to connect devices with different types of displays that aren’t otherwise compatible.

Are HDMI to VGA adapters good?

An HDMI or DVI connection will likely look a bit sharper, but unless you are playing games, you probably won’t notice a huge difference. If you have the choice, use the HDMI, it is a digital signal on a digital monitor and the picture should look a bit sharper than VGA.

Will a HDMI to VGA adapter work both ways?

Because an active conversion is required between HDMI (digital) and VGA (analog), the direction does matter. In theory you could probably create a converter that detects the direction automatically, though I doubt anyone will bother. Here’s an appropriate adapter that looks like it’ll do. It even supports audio.

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Is there a HDMI to VGA adapter?

The Cable Matters Active HDMI to VGA Adapter is the ideal solution for connecting a computer or other HDMI source to a display with full HD video. The combination of gold-plated connectors with optional USB power in a lightweight package provides a portable adapter that is easy to carry.

How do I get sound to play through my monitor?

How to Enable Monitor Speakers

  1. Connect your computer to your monitor. …
  2. Connect your monitor to power and turn it and your computer on. …
  3. Right-click the audio icon in the system tray area of the Windows taskbar and select «Playback devices.» If you connected your monitor via HDMI or DisplayPort, click the name of your monitor in the list of devices.

Does HDMI have audio?

Audio Quality :

HDMI is renowned for its video quality, but it also can carry audio without the need for multiple cables. HDMI supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD for 7.1-channel sound for loss-less, theatre-quality audio. HDMI 1.4 also supports audio return channel, which sends sound from your TV tuner to your receiver.

How do I get my laptop to play sound through my TV HDMI?

Connect the HDMI cable to your computer and to your output device. In Windows, search for and open Control Panel. Click Sound, and then click the Playback tab. The Sound window opens.

How do I get my computer to play sound through my TV?

How to switch sound from Windows PC to TV via HDMI cable

  1. Right click on the Start icon in the lower left corner of the desktop and select Control Panel:
  2. In the Control Panel window, click on Hardware and Sound:
  3. Then click on Sound:
  4. You will see that your PC Speakers are selected (green check mark sign):
  5. Click on TV (Samsung in this example) and click on Set Default button:
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Does HDMI carry sound from PC to TV?

We all know that HDMI cables can carry audio as well as HD video in our home theaters. … If you’re looking to simplify or clean up the cables in your gaming or home theater setup, you could use HDMI to carry sound to your TV or monitor instead of using a dedicated audio cable.

How do I get sound from my computer to my TV without HDMI?

You can buy an adapter or a cable that will let you connect it to the standard HDMI port on your TV. If you don’t have Micro HDMI, see if your laptop has a DisplayPort, which can handle the same digital video and audio signals as HDMI. You can buy a DisplayPort/HDMI adapter or cable cheaply and easily.