How do I get multiple cursors in atom?

One of the most impressive features of Atom is its multiple cursor support. This enables to you type many things at once, on multiple lines, anywhere in the document. Just hold cmd (Mac) or ctrl (Windows/Linux) and click in every place you want to type.

How do I make multiple cursors in an atom?

Multi-cursor package

  1. Creating cursors. alt + up = Create cursor above. alt + down = Create cursor under. Cmd + shift + L = Create one cursor for each selected line 1.
  2. Moving the last cursor that has been created. ctrl + alt + up = Move the last-created cursor up. ctrl + alt + down = Move the last-created cursor down.

How do you edit multiple lines in an atom?

CTRL + ALT + Left Click on each line you want to edit works for me. Atom has a pattern match selection.

How do you type multiple lines?

What you do put your cursor where you want to add a character on a line, then use SHIFT+ALT and either the arrow keys or your mouse (you have to click to the same column position the line that you are selecting to) to select all the lines that you want to edit the same way.

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How do you arrange codes in atom?


  1. ‘atom-text-editor’:
  2. ‘alt-ctrl-l’: ‘formatter:format-code’
  3. ‘alt-cmd-l’: ‘formatter:format-code’

Is it possible to have multiple cursors?

Well, you definitely can connect multiple mice/keyboards or other similar pointing devices and peripherals to your PC. By default, Windows does not allows users to have multiple cursors at once, but here’s a software available that can actually allow one to control multiple cursors collaboratively/individually.

How do you uncomment multiple lines in an atom?

Atom does not have a specific comment-block function, but if you select more rows and then use the normal ctrl — / (Windows or Linux) cmd — / (Mac), it will comment all the lines. and now it works! Also, there are packages: Comment package for atom (

How do you select a column in an atom?

You can enable column selection mode using Ctrl + Shift + ↑/↓ . This will allow you to extend the cursor to multiple rows. Once you have selected all rows, release the keys, and use the Delete key to remove the text you want to replace. Once you’re done, press the Esc key to release the cursors.

How do you write multiple lines at once?

Multiple Selections

To select multiple regions using the keyboard, select a block of text, then press Ctrl+Shift+L to split it into one selection per line.

How do you type multiple lines in VS code?

To employ multi-line editing, use the following command for your OS:

  1. Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Keys.
  2. Linux: Shift + Alt + Arrow Keys.
  3. Mac: Opt + Cmd + Arrow Keys.

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How do you select multiple lines on a keyboard?

Select one character at a time by holding down the «Shift» key and and using either arrow key (right or left). Select an entire line of text by holding down the «Shift» key and pressing «End», if you are at the beginning of the line, or «Home» if you are at the end of the line.