How do I find my Iswc code?

You can also get an ISWC code by visiting the ISWC International Agency and providing them with the title of your composition, the names of all contributors along with their individual IPI/CAE #, and a work classification code.

Is Iswc the same as ISRC?

ISWC stands for International Standard Musical Work Code. It identifies a composition. ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code. It identifies a sound recording.

How do I find my ISRC code for Spotify?

On the Title Overview page click on TRACKS. From here you will see a summary of your track information with the ISRCs listed in the second column. To get a summary of all the codes click on the ISRC next to the first track and that will take you to the ISRC page.

How do I find my ISRC code on DistroKid?

ISRCs are assigned in the final steps before sending a release to stores. Once ISRCs have been assigned, you can see them to the right of track titles on the album pages of your DistroKid dashboard. Write them down or save them somewhere.

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How do I read ISRC codes?

On a Mac you can read out the ISRC codes with the Terminal app. Start Terminal, type «drutil subchannel» and press «return». That’s about it. If ISRC codes were encoded, they should show up.

Can a song have more than one ISRC code?

Yes. As long as your track has the same International Standard Recording Code (ISRC), you can include it on several releases.

Does BMI provide ISRC codes?

ISWCs are used by music distributors, digital music services like iTunes and Spotify, and collection societies like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.

What is an ISRC code number?

The International Standard Recording Code (or ISRC code) is a unique identification system for sound recordings and music video recordings. Each ISRC code identifies a specific unique recording and can be permanently encoded into a product as a kind of digital fingerprint.

Do you need ISRC codes for Spotify?

ISRC codes are primarily used to identify and catalog individual songs (tracks) on an album. … ISRC codes are necessary to sell your individual tracks via iTunes and other online music distributors. They are also required for any songs that you plan to offer for streaming on Spotify and other streaming services.

How can I get ISRC code for free?

To obtain ISRC codes for your music, contact your national ISRC agency or get ISRC codes for free when using a digital distributor. You can also become a registrant by registering with your national ISRC agency (you have to pay a small fee), to generate your own ISRCs whenever you need to.

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What is ISRC code on CD?

The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the international identification system for sound recordings and music video recordings. Each ISRC is a unique and permanent identifier for a specific recording, independent of the format on which it appears (CD, audio file, etc) or the rights holders involved.

How many digits is ISRC?

ISRC codes are always 12 characters long, in the form «CC-XXX-YY-NNNNN». The hyphens are not part of the ISRC code itself, but codes are often presented that way in print to make them easier to read. The four parts are as follows: «CC» is the appropriate two-character country code for the ISRC issuer.

How long does it take to get ISRC codes?

Before you receive your ISRC Registrant code you must answer a few yes or no questions and then fill out the application form. Once completed, an ISRC Registrant Code is generated automatically, and you will receive your code right away. The process takes roughly five minutes. 12.

How do I assign an ISRC code?

In the United States, check out to either obtain a Registrant Code (which allows you to assign ISRC codes) or, to look for an ISRC manager to assign codes for you. You could also look at using a service such as In Canada, go to and apply directly.

Does Soundcloud provide ISRC codes?

What’s an ISRC code and why do I need it? … If you don’t already have ISRCs for your tracks, you can have them created for you when uploading or editing a track. As ISRCs are unique per track, first make sure you don’t already have a code through one of your partners.

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Does TuneCore provide ISRC codes?

This is a 12 -digit alphanumeric code given to each recording of a song. If you’re distributing through TuneCore, we’re automatically generating ISRC codes and including it as well as artist and title info in your song registrations.