How do I edit Ntuser DAT file?

How do I open a Ntuser DAT file?

How to View Ntuser. dat

  1. Click the «Start» menu located in the bottom left corner of the screen. …
  2. In the «Run» dialog box text area, type «regedit» and press the ENTER key.
  3. Double-click the «HKEY_CURRENT_USER» folder on the left side of the program window to open and view the contents of the current profile’s NTUSER.

How do I restore my Ntuser DAT file?

Right click on the userprofile folder in C:/Users/ of the user account whose ntuser. dat has been deleted. Click «Restore Previous Version» from the right click menu.

How do I fix Ntuser dat?

Windows 10: Fix “User profile cannot be loaded” Error

  1. Login to the computer using a profile/account that works.
  2. Using the file explorer, navigate to “C:UsersDefault“.
  3. Just in case things go bad, backup the “NTUSER. …
  4. Give the “NTUSER. …
  5. Back out to the Users folder. …
  6. Log out of the computer and login using the account you used when the error occurred.
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How do I edit the registry of another user?

Simply run Windows Key+R –> regedit. In this editor Go to “HKEY_USERS” and select the user’s name as you mentioned in the command prompt and from there you can edit his/her registry settings.

Can I delete old Ntuser DAT files?

You shouldn’t ever delete your NTUSER. DAT file. Because Windows depends on it to load your settings and preferences, removing it would corrupt your user profile.

Is Ntuser dat a virus?

NTUSER. DAT is not a virus, but they can be infected with a virus or malware. … Aside from possible malware or virus infection, this concern can also be attributed to a corrupted or missing file or invalid registry for the NTUSER. DAT file.

Can .dat files be deleted?

DAT file to load your settings and preferences when you boot your computer. Once it is removed, you will see receive the message ‘We can’t sign in to your account’ as the following picture shows. Therefore, deleting the NTUSER. DAT file is not safe and you should never do that.

What is the path to the Ntuser DAT file?

NTUSER. DAT in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows is located in C:usersdefaultntuser. dat. Earlier operating systems have other paths, such as C:Documents and Settings<username>ntuser.

Where is the Ntuser DAT file located?

The Ntuser. dat file is in your user folder. In Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, user folders are at C:UsersUSER_NAME.

What causes a corrupted user profile?

User profile corrupted and its causes

I will list some common causes in the following. malware infection. hardware problem like bad memory or hard drive failure. a force shutdown.

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How do I fix a corrupted Windows profile?

Fix Corrupt User Profile in Windows 7

  1. Boot into your Windows 7 system with another use or with the Administrator account. …
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Go to User Accounts (or Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts)
  4. Click Manage another account. …
  5. Click Create a new account to create a new account on your computer.

How do I reset my Windows 10 account?

Instead, we will see how to reset a user account’s data by deleting its profile.

  1. Step 1: Press Win + R hotkeys on the keyboard. …
  2. Step 2: Click on the Settings button. …
  3. Step 3: Select the profile of the user account and click the Delete button. …
  4. Step 4: Confirm the request. …
  5. Step 5: Delete a user profile in Windows 10 manually.

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Where in the registry are user accounts?

The registry contains a key called ProfileList located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion. This registry key contains one subkey for each user profile on a Windows machine.

What is Hkey_users?

HKEY_USERS, sometimes seen as HKU, is one of many registry hives in the Windows Registry. It contains user-specific configuration information for all currently active users on the computer. This means the user logged in at the moment (you) and any other users who have also logged in but have since «switched users.»

How do I load Ntuser DAT into registry?

1 Answer

  1. Open regedit.exe.
  2. make sure HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is selected on the left panel.
  3. click File -> Load Hive in the main menu.
  4. open ntuser.dat file in common dialog.
  5. specify some temporary name, like USER1.
  6. make changes.
  7. make sure HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEUSER1 is selected on the left panel and then unload hive from main menu.
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