How do I delete an archive in Office 365?

How do I delete an archive folder in Outlook 365?

Log into your Exchange Online mailbox via Outlook on the Web ( Click the Mail tile. Navigate to the Archive folder that is in the unexpected location. Delete the Archive folder.

How do I delete my outlook archive?

Detach the Archive file

  1. Outlook 2007 and previous. File-> Data File Management…-> select your archive file-> button Remove.
  2. Outlook 2010. File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings-> tab Data Files-> select your archive file-> button Remove.

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How do I delete online archive?

In the EAC, go to Recipients > Mailboxes. Select a mailbox. In the details pane, under In-Place Archive, click Disable.

Where is Outlook 365 archive folder?

You’ll find it in your Outlook folder list. If you don’t see the folder and you’re using Outlook 2016 or Outlook for Microsoft 365, go to File > Office Account > Update Options > Update Now.

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How do I permanently delete emails from Office 365?

Delete all email in Outlook on the web

  1. Sign in to Outlook on the web.
  2. At the top of your inbox, above the message list, select the check box.
  3. Above the message list, select Delete. All the email in your inbox will be moved to the Deleted Items folder.
  4. To permanently delete the messages, right-click the Deleted Items folder and select Delete all.

How do I delete all archived messages?

Touch and hold each conversation that you want to archive or delete.

  1. Archive: To put the selected conversations into your archives, tap Archive. . …
  2. Mark all as read: Tap More. Mark all as read.
  3. Delete: To delete the selected conversations from Messages, tap Delete .

Do archived emails get deleted?

The Archive action removes the message from view in the inbox and puts it in the All Mail area, in case you ever need it again. … The Delete action moves the selected message to the Trash area, where it stays for 30 days before it is permanently deleted.

Does archiving free up space in Outlook?

Older emails quickly accumulate, however, and if you don’t have an immediate need for these messages, you easily clear the growing clutter in your email folder. Archiving email stores the messages in a separate file and removes them from a specified Outlook 2007 folder.

How long do emails stay in archive?

How long do emails stay in the archive?

Industry Regulation/Regulatory Body Retention Period
All Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 7 years
All (Government + Education) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 3 years
All public companies Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 7 years
Education FERPA 5 years
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What happens when you disable online archive?

After you disable an archive mailbox, you can reconnect it to the user’s primary mailbox within 30 days of disabling it. In this case, the original contents of the archive mailbox are restored. After 30 days, the contents of the original archive mailbox are permanently deleted and can’t be recovered.

How does Exchange Online Archive work?

Exchange Online Archiving offers users advanced archiving capabilities with the archive mailbox feature.

Import data to the archive

  1. Import data from a . …
  2. Drag email messages from . …
  3. Drag email messages from the primary mailbox into the archive.

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What is the difference between archive and in place archive?

They are the same thing. In Place Archive was previously known as Personal Archive or Online Archive. Once you enable In Place Archiving, you can use Outlook to move or import messages to the archive mailbox.

How do I move an email from archive to Office 365?

Note: You can also perform this action by selecting the specific emails, and then clicking “Archive” icon on the top pane of Office 365 account. Select the specific emails and right-click on them. A wizard will appear on the screen. Hit the “Archive” button to move these emails to the archive mailbox.

What happens to archived emails in Outlook?

Archiving will move emails off of the network mail server to your local computer, where you will still be able to access them through Outlook. Archiving regularly helps free space on Webster’s email servers. … After the archive runs, the emails will be removed from your Inbox and subfolders.

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How do I change my archive in Outlook 365?

You can change how often AutoArchive runs, where it stores archived items, and how long Outlook keeps items before archiving them.

  1. From within your desktop version of Outlook for Office 365, click the «File» menu.
  2. Click»Options».
  3. Click «Advanced».
  4. Under «AutoArchive», click the «AutoArchive Settings…» button.