How do I delete a page on my Samsung tablet?

To remove a Home screen page, edit the Home screen: On the Galaxy Tab S, long-press a blank part of the Home screen; on the Tab 4, pinch the Home screen. Drag an unwanted page up to the Remove icon at the top of the screen. If the page has icons and widgets on it, you’ll be asked to confirm.

How do I get rid of blank pages on my Samsung tablet?

It’s a lie. They don’t.

Instead of tapping the device home button twice, do the following:

  1. Tap the home button to make sure you’re on the home screen.
  2. Use the pinch gesture (as if zooming out — fingers move toward one another)
  3. Tap and hold the page to be removed.
  4. Drag the page to the X at the top of the screen (Figure C)

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How do I delete stuff on my Samsung tablet?

Touch and hold the file(s) or folder(s) you want to delete. Tap Delete, and then tap Move to Trash to confirm. The file will stay in the Trash for 30 days before being permanently deleted. Remember, tablets do not have the Trash feature in My Files, so files can’t be restored once they are deleted.

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How do you get to the home screen on a Samsung tablet?

The default panel appears when the Home button is pressed.

  1. From a Home screen, touch and hold a blank area.
  2. Swipe to the preferred panel.
  3. Tap the Home key. located at the bottom of the tablet.

How do I delete a folder on my Samsung tablet?

How to remove folders from the Apps screen in Samsung Galaxy Tab-A(SM-T355)?

  1. a). Tap on Apps icon from the Home screen.
  2. b). Tap on Edit.
  3. c). Tap on the Folder that you want to remove.
  4. d). Touch and drag the App to an empty space to remove the app from the folder.
  5. e). The App will be removed from the folder.
  6. f). …
  7. g).

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How do I remove something from my home screen?

Remove Icons from a Home Screen

  1. Tap or click the “Home” button on your device.
  2. Swipe until you reach the home screen you wish to modify.
  3. Tap and hold the icon you wish to delete. …
  4. Drag the shortcut icon to the “Remove” icon.
  5. Tap or click the “Home” button.
  6. Tap or click the “Menu” button.

How do I clear my home screen?

Swipe the screen to the left to get to the All tab. Scroll down until you locate the currently running home screen. Scroll down until you see the Clear Defaults button (Figure A). Tap Clear Defaults.

How do I delete from my tablet?

Tap on the Apps tab on the home screen. Tap on the Device tab. Tap and hold on an app you want to remove. Tap on Remove from device.

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How do I clear space on my Samsung?

It must be over 150 MB for your Android device to work properly.

  1. Delete unnecessary text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS).
  2. Transfer pictures and media to a computer to remove them from the phone memory.
  3. Clear the browser cache, cookies, or history.
  4. Clear Facebook app cache.
  5. Manage applications.

How do you change the home screen on a Samsung?

To change home screen settings, tap and hold on an empty area of the home screen and then, from the list that appears, choose Home Screen Settings. You may also navigate there by going to the Samsung Settings > Display > Home Screen.

Where is my library on Samsung tablet?

Your Samsung Galaxy tablet comes with Google’s own e-book reader app. It has the clever name Play Books, and it can be found on the Apps screen either by its lonesome or in the Google apps folder.

How do I change my homepage on my Samsung tablet?

To set your home page, heed these directions:

  1. Browse to the page you want to set as the home page.
  2. Touch the Menu icon button.
  3. Choose Settings. The Settings screen appears.
  4. Choose General on the left side of the screen.
  5. Choose Set Home Page.
  6. Touch the Current Page button.
  7. Touch OK. The home page is set.

How do you delete folders on Samsung Galaxy?

CLICK HERE to know how to create Folder on the apps screen in Samsung Galaxy J5 ( SM-J500F ).

  1. 1 Tap on Apps icon from the Home screen.
  2. 2 Tap on Edit.
  3. 3 Tap on the ( — ) icon of the folder that you want to remove.
  4. 4 Read the on-screen information and tap on Delete. …
  5. 5 Swipe the page to the Left side.
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