How do I change my region on Chrome?

How do I change my browser region?

Open the browser settings, and in the advanced section scroll down to find Languages . Open Language and Input Settings and add the language or language+region choice you want from the list available.

How do I change my Google country settings?

Change your Google Play country

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app .
  2. Tap Menu. Account.
  3. Under «Country and profiles,» find your name and country.
  4. If you don’t have a payment method from the new country, follow the onscreen instructions to add a payment method. …
  5. The Google Play Store automatically changes to the new country.

How does my browser know my location?

Desktop computers don’t have GPS, but they know your location down to a couple of meters. But how? Well, part of how your location can be determined is through your public IP address. This is required by every site that you visit, so it knows where to send the data you have requested.

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How does a website know my location?

The most basic way of identifying you is by your IP address. … From your IP address, a website can determine your rough geographical location – not down to street level, but generally your city or area. If you’ve ever seen a spammy ad that tries to look legitimate by mentioning your location, this is how the ad does it.

How do I stop Google from changing my country?

All you need to do is head to . The NCR stands for «No Country Redirect», and it’ll take you back to the regular, English-speaking without all the local results. Note that it will redirect to, so if you don’t see the /ncr after you press Enter, that’s normal.

How do I stop Google from redirecting to another country?

Go to and bookmark the resulting page. The “ncr” on the end of what you typed stands for “no country redirect”. Search anything. When you are done with these steps, you won’t be redirected away from, no matter where you are in the world.

How do I change my region on Gmail?

On the Gmail Settings screen, click the General tab if it is not already selected. In the Phone Numbers section of the page, a “default country code” pop-up menu allows you to set the United States as your home base. Click the Save Changes button when you are finished.

How does Chrome know my location?

Chromium’s geolocation source code can be viewed online. Your location can be obtain using different services and hardware available on your device. The most common ones are: GPS, wifi information, cell towers.

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How does Google know my location?

How does Google know my location?

  1. From the IP address of your Internet connection. …
  2. From your past activity. …
  3. From your labeled places. …
  4. From your devices. …
  5. Google Location History. …
  6. Web & App Activity.

Why does Google Chrome know my location?

Google Chrome uses your location to help you find businesses or places near you, such as restaurants or stores. You can choose to allow Google Chrome to access your location while using the app, never access your location, or only access your location when you approve it manually.

Why do ads know my location?

When visiting some websites, you may notice that the page or ad on that page is marketing directly to you. … This advertising is known as geo-targeting. It uses an algorithm which analyzes your Hostname and IP address to determine your location. This information gathered often points to the location of your ISP.

Can website owners see IP address?

Assuming you’re using a router (as you should), those web sites can only see the router’s IP address, not your PC’s. … And they can see how often you (or someone else sharing your router) visit their website. But they won’t be able to see that forever. Chances are your IP address is not a permanent fixture.

Why do sites want to know my location?

Chances are, if you visit a web site and they want to know your location, it’s for one reason only. They want to serve you ads on their site. If the site knows where you are, they can serve you targeted ads. … Either way, it’s all about making sure that the ads you see are relevant to you.