How do I assign an iTunes song to a contact?

How can I send a song from my iTunes to someone?

  1. Go to iTunes Store.
  2. Click on the price tag is next to a song you want to give.
  3. Choose GIFT THIS SONG form the drop down menu.
  4. Fill- in the e-mail and they will receive a fancy e-mail with your personalized message and be able to download it for free…

How do I add a song to my contacts?


  1. Go to the People app (also may be labelled Contacts) and select a contact.
  2. In contact details, hit the Menu button (three vertical dots in the top-right corner) and choose Edit (this step may be unnecessary on your phone)
  3. Scroll down until you see Ringtone. Tap it and select a tone to play when they call.

10 июл. 2014 г.

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How do you assign a song to a contact on iPhone?

Set a ringtone or text tone for a contact

  1. Open the Contacts app and tap a person’s name.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the person’s contact card, tap Edit.
  3. Tap Ringtone or Text Tone, then choose a new sound.

10 июн. 2020 г.

How do I share a song from iTunes in a text message?

On an Android, open the intended recipient in your text messages and select the «Plus» sign to add a file. Several options will appear for different file types. Select the «Audio» option then hit «Choose a music track» to send a saved song.

Can I share my iTunes music with a friend?

Up to five of your devices can tap into your iTunes library either directly on a network drive, through a special app, or via a feature called Home Sharing. Through Home Sharing, you can share your iTunes music library from one machine and make it accessible to other devices as long as they’re all on the same network.

How do I attach a song to a text message?

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Open up Messaging.
  2. Create a new message to a contact.
  3. Tap the paperclip icon.
  4. Tap Record audio (some devices will list this as Record voice)
  5. Tap the Record button on your voice recorder (again, this will vary) and record your message.
  6. When finished recording, tap the Stop button.

9 янв. 2015 г.

How can I set a caller tune for one person?

How to Set Airtel Caller Tune for Specific Number

  1. Dial 5787809 from your Airtel number first.
  2. Choose your language, then press 1 to subscribe to the Airtel Hello Tune service.
  3. Confirm your activation request by pressing 5.
  4. After subscribing to the Airtel hello tune service for 30 minutes to be fully active.
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How do I set a ringtone for incoming calls to my music?

You can change the default ringtone for all incoming phone calls from your Android’s settings app: Tap on Settings >> Dialer & Calls >> Touch sound & feedback >> select phone ringtone >> select a ringtone.

Can I have different sounds for different notifications?

The default notification sound you set in the Settings app will apply to all notifications, but if you want a different notification sound for when you receive text messages, you have to change that through your text messaging app. … Scroll down to the Notifications section and tap Sound.

How do I assign a silent ringtone to a contact on my iPhone?

When you go to that contact, go to the top right and hit edit. There should be a choice to select a ringtone. You can create a custom ringtone that is silent and assign it to that person.

How can I make a ringtone for my iPhone without using iTunes?

Tap the Share icon, followed by the Ringtone icon. Name the ringtone, hit export. When finished exporting tap Standard Ringtone to set it as the default ringtone of the device. Now go to iPhone Settings app -> Sounds -> Ringtone and here you will see the newly create ringtone as the default ringtone of the iPhone.

How do I set a text tone for a specific contact?

How to set custom text tones on Pulse SMS

  1. Tap the Conversation you wish to set a custom notification for.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Conversation settings.
  4. Tap Conversation Notification Customization.
  5. Tap Sound.
  6. Tap your desired tone.
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Can I send a song from my Iphone?

If you’re on an iOS device, when song is playing on the Music app > click on 3 small dots (bottom right) > you’ll see a menu brought up with an option to Share Song > next menu, choose Messages.

Is it illegal to share music with friends?

Under copyright law, it is illegal to download or share copyrighted materials such as music or movies without the permission of the copyright owner. The record and movie industry in recent years has taken an aggressive approach to stopping illegal downloading and file sharing.

How do you share music?

Share songs and albums

  1. Go to the Google Play Music web player or open the Google Play Music app .
  2. Select Menu. My Library or Music library.
  3. On a song or album, select Menu. Share.
  4. Select how you want to share your music.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.