How do I access DNS 323?

The simplest way to access your DNS-323 is to use theEasy Search Utility provided on the CD-ROM. Thiswill automatically detect any DNS-323 devices on your network,allow you to set up network drives in Windows, perform basicconfiguration and access the web configuration interface.

How do I connect to DNS-323?

Your setup may look slightly different.

  1. Configure the DNS-323 for access from your network. …
  2. Go to Setup > Device. …
  3. Browse into the DNS-323 using Windows Explorer and create the directory structure you wish to use. …
  4. Log into the DNS-323 configuration pages and go to Advanced > Users. …
  5. Go to Advanced > Network Access.

How do I access my DNS 320 from the Internet?

How to Access the Web Interface of the DNS-320 Remotely using D-Link Router

  1. Put a check mark on the row to enable the rule.
  2. Enter a name for the policy you would like to create.
  3. Enter the IP Address of the DNS-320 (On Step 2)
  4. Enter Port 80 both on Public and Private port.

How do I access my Dlink NAS?


  1. Connect to the D-Link NAS device using its IP address in a web browser. Enter username and password. Select Configuration. As alternative option, use the DNS Easy Search utility program from D-Link.
  2. Go to Advanced -> Network Access. D-Link 323 (v1.09) D-Link 343 Firmware (v1. …
  3. Under Network Access Settings:
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How do I reset my DNS-323?

To reset the DNS-313/323, access the management (web GUI), go toTOOLS — SYSTEM and press Restore. Allow a minute for the device to reset.

How do I reset my D Link DNS 323 password?

With the reset button

  1. Locate the reset button on the back off the router.
  2. While the unit is powered on, press the reset button with a sharp object (e.g. paperclip)
  3. Hold the button pressed for 10 seconds, then release.
  4. The unit will reboot by itself and once the WLAN light stops blinking the factory reset is done.

How do I reset my D Link password?

To reset your DNS ShareCenter to the factory defaults, while powered-up, press and hold the «Reset Button» on the rear of the DNS ShareCenter for > 5 seconds. This procedure will set the following login credentials: User name = admin. Password = [BLANK]

How do I reset my DNS 320?

To factory reset the DNS-320L locate the small hole on the bottom of the machine marked “reset”. After the DNS-320L has been powered on for at least one minute insert an unfolded paper clip or tiny screw driver in the hole. Push gently until you feel a click and then hold for 10 seconds. Then release the button.