How can I translate a video to English?

Is there a way to translate a video into English?

To translate your video from a foreign language:

Click on the “Settings” icon, select “Subtitles/CC,” and then click “Auto Translate.” A list of languages you can translate into will be displayed. Select “English.” You’ll see that the subtitles have automatically been translated into English.

How do I change the language of a video?

Change audio language & subtitle settings

  1. At the bottom or top right of your video player, tap Show closed captions and audio .
  2. Under «Audio» or «Subtitles,” select a language.

Can you google translate a video?

Google’s multilingual translation service can translate text, speech, images, websites, or even real-time video. You can access it via its web interface, mobile apps for iOS and Android, or browser extension.

How can I translate a video for free?

  1. Step 1: Copy the YouTube Link. Navigate to YouTube and find the video you want to translate. …
  2. Step 2: Auto-Generate Subtitles in Kapwing. With your YouTube link copied, head over to and click “Start Editing” to enter the Kapwing Studio. …
  3. Step 3: Export and Download Your Translated Video. You’re almost there.
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How can I translate a video to text?

How to Convert Video to Text

  1. Watch the Video. …
  2. Create a Transcript of the Video. …
  3. Edit for Timing. …
  4. Upload Your Video File. …
  5. Pick Your Ideal Settings. …
  6. Wait for Your Video to Be Transcribed. …
  7. Sign Up – Go to and click on the red button that reads “Get Started”
  8. Check Your Email.

How do I make subtitles for a video?

How to Auto Subtitle Videos:

  1. Upload Video. Upload the video file you would like to caption. …
  2. Auto Subtitle. Click ‘Subtitles’ then choose Auto Subtitles from the list, the software will then start transcribing. ( …
  3. Download Video. Change your subtitle text style, make any edits, and click ‘Export’.

How do I change the audio of a video?

Below are the steps to replace audio in Windows Movie Maker.

  1. Step 1: Import video. First, download and run it. …
  2. Step 2: Turn off the original sound. Click Edit tab > Video volume to turn off the sound by draging the slider to left.
  3. Step 3: Add audio to video. …
  4. Step 4: Save project.

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Can I upload same video with different language on YouTube?

You can upload in different language as long as the intro of the video is slightly changed so as to avoid content ID triggers. If you try to upload simply by changing voice file inside same video then YouTube’s content id triggers. … So you can’t post same video twice, even by changing the audio file.

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Can you translate a recording?

You can translate spoken words and phrases if your device has a microphone. In some languages, you’ll hear the translation spoken aloud. Go to the Google Translatepage. … When told to «Speak now,» say what you want to translate.

How do you translate a conversation?

Keyboard Translation

To do this on an Android phone, go to Settings and locate the option for keyboards or languages. The menu should have an option that allows you to add new languages, then select the language you need from the list.

How do I translate someone else’s YouTube video?

Submit contributions

  1. Go to the video that you want to contribute translations or transcriptions to. Not all videos support community contributions.
  2. In the player, select Settings .
  3. Select Subtitles/CC. Add subtitles.
  4. Choose what you want to work on: Closed captions (original video language) Select the video’s language.