How can I remove disk write protected error?

If your USB flash drive, SD card or hard drive is write-protected, you can easily remove write protection. You can try running a virus scan, checking and ensuring the device isn’t full, disabling read-only status for a file, using diskpart, editing Windows Registry and formatting the device.

How do I disable write protection on a disk?

Type “Attributes disk clear readonly” and press Enter. Yes, that word is spelled as “readonly.” Finally, wait for the write protection removal to finish, type Exit, hit Enter, and you’ll exit Command Prompt. Restart your PC and try writing on the USB again after the system has rebooted.

How do you remove write protect error?

Method 2. Clear Write Protection on USB via Apply Diskpart Command

  1. Press «Win + R», type cmd to open «Command Prompt».
  2. Type diskpart and hit Enter.
  3. Type list disk and hit Enter.
  4. Type select disk 2 and hit Enter.
  5. Type attributes disk clear readonly and hit Enter.

18 дек. 2020 г.

How do I fix a write protected hard drive?

Restore Access to a Write-Protected Hard Drive

  1. Open a Command prompt by clicking Start, typing command, and clicking Command Prompt.
  2. Type diskpart and press Enter.
  3. Type list volume and press Enter. …
  4. Type select volume #, where # is the number of the drive that’s giving you the «write-protected» error. …
  5. Type attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter.
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30 нояб. 2011 г.

How do I turn off write protection on Windows 10?

Solution 1: remove disk write protection using CMD

  1. Hit Windows Key + X on your keyboard, and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.
  2. Type diskpart and press Enter.
  3. Type list disk and press Enter.
  4. Type select disk #(ex: Disk 1) to select the disk which is write protected and press Enter.

14 дек. 2020 г.

How can I format a write protected DVD?

Click «This PC,» then select the DVD drive with the disc you wish to format. A write-protected DVD-RW disc can be reformatted after being erased. Right-click the DVD drive and select «Erase» from the drop-down menu. In some cases, you may need to erase individual files or folders from the right pane.

How do I remove write protection from online?

Method6. Reset the Computer Registry

  1. Step1. Click «Start» to click «Run» and type in «regedit».
  2. Step2. Click «My Computer» > «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE» > «SYSTEM» > «CurrentControlSet» > «Control» > «StorageDevicePolicies».
  3. Step3. Find «Write Protect» key on the right side.
  4. Step4. Edit the DWORD value from «1» to «0»

How do I format a write protected flash drive?

Format write-protected USB

Format write-protacted USB disk. To do this, follow these steps: left-click This PC -> select your USB-drive and right-click on it. From the list, select and click Format. Wait for the process to be completed.

How do I fix windows unable to complete the format?

Step 1. Right-click the computer icon in Windows 7 or This PC in Windows 8-10 and select «Manage.» On the pops up window, from the right pane go to «Storage» > «Disk Management.» Step 2. Now find the SD card or USB drive that shows unable to complete the format error.

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Why is my hard disk write protected?

Thus, when a hard drive becomes write-protected, it most likely indicates a severe virus or malware infection and corruption. In such cases, you must immediately use a reliable data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows to safeguard data before heading to fixes.