How can I find my mobile serial number?

All you need to do is dial *#06# and the IMEI (serial number) will be displayed.

How do I find my mobile phone serial number?

To find your device’s serial number in the software, go to Settings > System. Then jump into About Phone > Status. Your device’s serial number will generally be located toward the bottom of this screen.

Is serial number same as IMEI?

Like most electronics, mobile devices have serial numbers assigned to them at the factory. In addition, mobile phones also have IMEI numbers (short for «International Mobile Station Equipment Identity») that can be used to identify an individual handset.

How do I find my serial number?

Android Tablets

  1. Tap Settings (System settings) > System (All settings) > System > About tablet.
  2. Tap Status to view the Serial Number for the tablet.
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How do I find the serial number on my Samsung phone?

Find the IMEI, Serial and Model Number on a Samsung phone

  1. 1 Swipe down on your screen to access your Quick Settings and tap on Settings.
  2. 2 Scroll down the screen to About phone.
  3. 3 Tap on About Phone.
  4. 4 The Model Number, Serial Number and IMEI will be displayed.

How do I find my Morpho serial number?

  1. If Device Serial Number is not readable from the back side of MSO Device, please follow these steps.
  2. Download and Install RD service Drivers for Windows and Android. …
  3. Download and Install RD service utility for Windows and Android. …
  4. Plugin MSO 1300 device to available Standard USB/ Micro USB slot.

How can I find my iPhone serial number without my phone?

It turns out this is a good habit because there’s an easy way to find your iPhone serial number without your phone; you’ll just need your iPhone’s original packaging. All you need to do to find your iPhone serial number on its original packaging is to look for the barcode sticker; the serial number is right there!

How do I get IMEI number from serial number?

Go to Settings > General and tap About. Look for the serial number. You might need to scroll down to find the IMEI/MEID, and ICCID.

How do I find my SIM card IMEI?

Find Your IMEI on Your SIM Card Tray

You can also find your IMEI on your SIM card holder. If you pull out your SIM card tray and turn it over, you’ll see the 15-digit number there on most iPhone models and some Android phones.

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Does every product have a serial number?

Serial numbers are unique to each specific product and are most frequently used for electronics. (If you’ve ever had an issue with your laptop, you’ve probably encountered the serial number as you’ve given details to a help desk or customer service, for instance.

How do I find my remote serial number?

Here is the command to run in command prompt: wmic bios get serialnumber. You also can use WMIC for a remote computer. Here it is: wmic /node:%computername% bios get serialnumber.

How can I find the serial number of my phone without the phone?

Call your local carrier branch and ask for the serial number. In the event that you can’t find the serial number on the phone, its packaging, or your online account, you can call your closest carrier branch and ask for the serial number.

How do I find the serial number of my old iPhone?

You can find the serial number of your device inside the Settings app. Just go to General, then About, and the serial number will be at the bottom of the first block.

How do I find my Samsung serial number online?

Here you can check the Samsung phones warranty

  1. Go to Homepage.
  2. Enter phone IMEI and check it.
  3. Click «WARRANTY via SN» next to the phone data.
  4. Enter the 10 characters of the serial number (you can find the serial number on the label inside the phone, under the battery) and click «Check Samsung Phone Details»

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How do I check what my phone number is?

Option 1

  1. From the Home screen, open “Settings“.
  2. Scroll down and select “About phone” or “About device“. Some versions of Android display the phone number on this screen. If not, proceed to step 3.
  3. Select “Status” or “Phone identity“.
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How do I find my IMEI number without my phone?

Check Your Google Dashboard for an Android IMEI

  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Open the Android Device Manager.
  3. Your IMEI number should be displayed along with your registered Android device. With this information, the authorities should be able to track down your lost or stolen phone much more quickly and easily.

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