How can I download high quality videos?

How can I download HD video quality?

2. Go to YouTube and find any content (video, playlist, channel) you would like to download and watch in HD quality offline. Just use “HD” as search term or apply Filter>Features>HD (High definition). After that, copy the needed video URL from your browser.

How can I download HD videos from YouTube?

Download your YouTube videos in their original resolution

  1. Step 1: Head to
  2. Step 2: Click the Select none button at the top of the list, then flip the switch next to YouTube. …
  3. Step 3: Choose the file type you want and the delivery method from their respect drop-down boxes.

5 февр. 2015 г.

Which is the best HD video downloader app?

Despite the risks, if you desire to download YouTube videos then here are some of the best Android apps to satisfy your needs.

11 Best Android Video Downloaders For YouTube

  1. YouTube Go. …
  2. Videoder. …
  3. TubeMate. …
  4. Dentex YouTube Downloader. …
  5. Snaptube. …
  6. InsTube. …
  7. VidMate App. …
  8. YT3 YouTube Downloader.
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27 янв. 2021 г.

How can I download YouTube videos without losing quality?

1. Use Online Downloaders

  1. Go to, and choose “Convert a video link” option.
  2. Copy a link from YouTube, and paste it to online YouTube 1080P downloader.
  3. Choose your desired format.
  4. Click “More Settings” > choose HD 1080P as the video quality.

4 мар. 2021 г.

How can I download full HD video songs?

Here is the detailed steps to download HD video songs on YouTube:

  1. Copy the Link. Go to YouTube website and find the HD video songs you want to download, and copy the link of that page from the address bar.
  2. Paste the URL in the VidPaw. Open VidPaw on a new page. …
  3. Enjoy the HD Video Songs Offline.

17 дек. 2018 г.

Which is the best YouTube downloader?

Comparison of Top YouTube Video Downloading Platforms

YouTube Video Downloader Platform Ratings *****
4K Video Downloader Windows, Mac, Ubuntu. 5/5
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Windows, Mac. 5/5
VideoProc Windows & Mac 5/5 MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iPhone devices. 5/5

Can I download YouTube videos for free?

YouTube does not allow you to download videos directly from their site. You need to use a third-party service, install software, or get a YouTube subscription service to download a YouTube video. … To download YouTube videos to your smartphone or tablet, see: How to download YouTube video on a smartphone or tablet.

Can I download a YouTube video to my phone?

You can download videos that you’ve already uploaded. If you haven’t uploaded the video yourself, you can’t save it to a computer. You can download videos from the YouTube app to your mobile device only.

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How can I download HD video from YouTube in Android?

Simply download an app like YouTube Downloader, search for the video you want to download, select the format you want (mp4 for a video or mp3 for an audio file), and hit download. Depending on the app you use, the video will be available to watch in the app, in your downloads folder, or on your camera roll.

Is Tubemate safe?

Tubemate is not harmful if you have downloaded it from trusted source. Tubemate application is safe. … You can easily download the software for Windows, Mac, and Android. It is not available in the google play store, as it does not meet the guidelines provided by the google play store.

Is 4K Video Downloader really free?

There are two versions of this software – one is the free version for which you do not need to pay anything. And, the second is the premium version which is paid. The free version itself is awesome as it allows you to download the videos free, so chances are that the free version will suit you just fine.

Is 4K download safe?

Almost all of it is adware/malware. With that aside, if you did not pay for it, downloading a 4k movie without regard to the copyright is against the law. The files are 20GB to 60GB in some cases, that is pretty easy to track.

How do I download 4K videos from YouTube to my computer?

Not support downloading 4K video to Android phone.

  1. Run EaseUS MobiMover, go to «Video Downloader», and choose the device you want to save the downloaded YouTube videos. …
  2. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download, paste it into the bar in MobiMover, then tap the «Download» button.
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22 февр. 2021 г.

How do I convert YouTube videos to mp4?

How to use youtube mp4 downloader?

  1. Copy URL of Youtube video. Copy URL of video that you need to convert to mp4. …
  2. Insert link in field. Paste the YouTube video link into the downloader field at the top of this page.
  3. Launch YouTube mp4 converter. …
  4. Download the converted video.