Does SmartRider credit expire?

My highschool SmartRider has an expiry date, what does this mean? This expiry date relates to the concession entitlement to the student fare you receive while you are in high school. Once the expiry date passes your SmartRider will revert to a standard SmartRider and you will be charged standard fares.

Does SmartRider credit expire?

You may apply for a Tertiary SmartRider card through the normal replacement card process. This will give you a Tertiary concession and it will expire on 31 March in the year after you obtain it.

How long does a SmartRider last?

SmartRider uses the normal transfer time limits. For journeys up to 4 zones, you have two hours from the time of your initial boarding to transfer between services. For trips covering 5 to 9 zones, you have three hours.

How do I put credit on my SmartRider?

You can add a card in the bottom left under My SmartRider. Your SmartRider number is on the top right of your card. Click on Autoload and add your credit or debit card details and the amount you wish to be automatically added.

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Can I transfer money from one SmartRider to another?

If you’ve registered your SmartRider and it’s lost or stolen we can transfer your remaining balance to your new card. … At the start and end of each journey, place your SmartRider card over the picture of the card on a card reader on the bus, on the ferry or at the train station.

Can someone else use my SmartRider?

No. Unless you are on a student discount (where you will have ID printed on the reverse side), there is no identifying information about the owner of the card (unless registered on transperth website).

How much money do I have on my SmartRider?

online if you have registered your SmartRider card, you can check your balance by logging into My Account. by sending your SmartRider card number by SMS to 13 62 13 (Telstra, Optus and Virgin customers only) or 0456 136 213. by calling the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13.

How do I get a smart rider?

You can buy a SmartRider at Transperth InfoCentre or from one of the many Retail Sales Outlets across Perth. A Standard SmartRider costs $20 and includes $10 of travel. Cash tickets – these can be purchased from ticket machines at train stations and ferry jetties, and from bus drivers.

Can you put your SmartRider on your phone?

SmartRider. Perth’s Public Transport Authority is working on new technology which will upgrade their SmartRider system. Transperth trains, buses and ferries will be fitted to allow passengers to tag-on and tag-off using cards, smartphones and wearable.

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How do I register my smart rider?

Registering a Standard SmartRider card

  1. Log into My Account, or.
  2. call the Transperth InfoLine, or.
  3. complete a SmartRider Registration form. You may download the registration form or get one from a Transperth Info Centre or Transperth Retail Sales Outlet.

What is my SmartRider number?

Text your SmartRider card number (the nine digits after the SR letters) and we will reply with your SmartRider balance. You should text 13 62 13 for Telstra and Optus customers only. Other customers will need to use 0456 13 62 13 instead. Find out more about SMS services.

What is autoload transperth?

Autoload enables a direct debit to be made automatically from a nominated bank account or credit card to your SmartRider card account when the balance on your card falls below the low-value threshold of $6 (standard users) and $3 (concession users). Once Autoload is activated you will begin receiving the 20% discount.

How do you pay for transperth bus?

Ticketing. When travelling with Transperth, you have the option to buy a cash ticket, or a SmartRider card. Both can be used across all services, but please keep in mind that ferry and train fares must be purchased prior to travel, while bus fares can be paid as you board.

What does Hotlisted card mean?

In the U.S., if a debit card is stolen, financial institutions tend to use terms like «blocking» or «canceling» the card. However, in some countries, a stolen debit card is «hotlisted» by the bank to ensure it can’t be used by the thief. If you discover your debit card is missing, take steps to have it hotlisted.

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What is autoload?

In computer programming, autoloading is the capability of loading and linking portions of a program from mass storage automatically when needed, so that the programmer is not required to define or include those portions of the program explicitly. …