Does Roblox delete inactive accounts?

Accounts that have been inactive for a year or so will be removed from the system, unless a parent requests your account be deleted sooner or you receive moderation.

Did Roblox delete old accounts?

Why Old Roblox Accounts Get Terminated

Inactive Accounts. On Roblox, once a year, a sweep is done; accounts that haven’t been active for a year will be deleted.

Why do old Roblox accounts get terminated?

Why Old Roblox Accounts Get Terminated

Most likely because they have already been PGed. They probably got PG’d; otherwise, there would be no reason for a termination. A lot of online games tend to delete old accounts that haven’t been used for a very long time in order to free up some server space.

Can Roblox delete accounts?

Based on applicable law, you can request we delete personal information we collect or maintain about you, subject to certain exceptions prescribed by law. To make a deletion request under applicable law, please contact us by using our support form.

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Does supercell delete inactive accounts?

Short answer: Never! They never delete any inactive account! Infect inactive accounts serve very important role in this game, called dead bases!

Can your Roblox account expire?

Your membership will renew on the Renewal date and if it is not recurring or has been cancelled, it will expire on the Expiration date. You can cancel on our website at any time before the renewal date. Your member benefits will continue until the expiration date.

Is Roblox doing a ban Wave 2020?

Roblox Ban Wave 2020 is currently best Roblox ban wave taking place at the moment that can go aimlessly from being a one-day suspension to a flat out a termination. Since the commencement of the ban wave on Roblox, many exploiters got banned and even terminated.

Can you get a terminated Roblox account back?

You can contact the Roblox Appeals team to review the situation if your account has been banned or moderated. The Appeals team will give the moderation a second look and make any necessary adjustments to your account’s moderation status. Submitting an appeal does not guarantee your ban will be removed.

Who is the richest player on Roblox?

His name is David Baszucki. He is the richest Roblox player in the world today. He is currently ranked at number one with an R-value of $186,906,027.

Who has the oldest Roblox account?

Admin was the first registered user on Roblox. The user «Admin» joined on June 30, 2004, with the ID of 1.

How do you delete someone else’s Roblox account?

How to unfriend a banned account

  1. Go to the Followers tab on your Friends page by clicking Friends in the menu on the left or by clicking here.
  2. Find the user. His profile box will be deactivated.
  3. Click on the three-dot menu and click on Unfriend as below:
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Is Roblox safe for kids?

Though Roblox has the potential to be a learning tool, similar to Minecraft, it has its downsides. Because all of its content is user-generated, kids can be exposed to a range of material. Much of it is age-appropriate for tweens and teens.

Why did Roblox skyblock get deleted?

Did Skyblock get deleted? Yes, Skyblock has been deleted after a DMCA request. The developer at Blockman GO Studio had changed the game’s name to Islands in order to avoid deletion, but Roblox still removed the game from the platform.

Do clash of clans accounts get deleted?

1 Answer. No, no one can report/request a delete on your account for inactivity. Supercell will not delete your base or remove it. It will just sit and wait for the owner to eventually come back on.

How can I open my old COC account?


  1. Open the Clash of Clans application.
  2. Go to Game Settings.
  3. Connect to a Google+ account so you can link your old village.
  4. Find the Help and Support tab in the Game Settings menu.
  5. Select Report an Issue.
  6. Select Other Problem.

Can supercell delete your account?

You cannot remove but yes you can change it. Go to settings > help and support. Select mentioned category and plz elaborate your problem there. Supercell will contact you within 1–3 days, and there might be possibility that they will disable your account due to security reasons.