Can you password protect each sheet in Excel?

So far, we’ve been password protecting an entire workbook or the structure of an Excel file. … To protect a sheet, select a tab in your Excel workbook, click on the Review tab and choose the Protect Sheet menu option. This option allows for very specific protections of your spreadsheet.

Can you protect multiple sheets at once in Excel?

Protect multiple sheets at once with Kutools for Excel

But with Kutools for Excel’s Protect Worksheet utility, you can protect both all sheets and specific sheets quickly and easily.

How do you password protect multiple tabs in Excel?

In order to protect the contents, you have to protect the worksheet (ALT + T + P + P in all versions of Excel, otherwise ‘Home’ tab of the Ribbon, then select ‘Format’ in the ‘Cells’ group and then select ‘Protect Sheet…’ in Excel 2007 onwards).

How do I protect certain sheets in Excel?

Given below are the steps to protect your sheet.

  1. On the Review tab, click Protect Sheet.
  2. In the Allow all users of this worksheet to list, select the elements you want people to be able to change. Option. …
  3. Optionally, enter a password in the Password to unprotect sheet box and click OK.
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How do I permanently unlock an Excel spreadsheet?

Just do any of the following:

  1. Right-click the sheet tab, and select Unprotect Sheet… from the context menu.
  2. On the Review tab, in the Changes group, click Unprotect Sheet.
  3. On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Format, and select Unprotect Sheet from the drop-down menu.

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How do you password protect an Excel tab from viewing?

Open the sheet or workbook that you want to protect. On the Review tab, click Protect Sheet or Protect Workbook. In the Password box, type a password, and in the Verify box, type the password again. Choose any other protection options you want and click OK.

How do you protect cells in Excel without protecting sheet?

New Member. You can protect cells (or whole rows or columns) by highlighting the cells (i.e. data input cells) you DON’T want to protect then click on «Format»->»Cells»->»Protection» tab. Uncheck the «Locked» box. Now protect your worksheet and/or workbooks with a password.

How do you lock formulas in Excel without protecting sheet?

From any cell on your worksheet press Ctrl+A+A. From the worksheet, hit F5 > Special and then select Formulas and click OK. From the worksheet menu, click Data > Validation. In the Allow box select Custom.

What is the difference between Protect Sheet and Protect Workbook in Excel?

You can also lock workbook to restrict additional changes available by right clicking on sheet tab like insert, delete, rename, move or copy etc. The difference between protect worksheet and workbook are that first one protect internal activity and second one restrict external activity from other users.

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How do I unlock a protected Excel sheet for free?

How to Unlock Excel files

  1. Click inside the file drop area to upload Excel files or drag & drop Excel files.
  2. Your Excel file will be rendered automatically to unlock.
  3. Download link of Excel file will be available instantly after unlock.
  4. You can also send a link to the Excel file to your email address.

How do you remove protection from an Excel document?

Open the workbook that you want to change or remove the password for. On the Review tab, click Protect Sheet or Protect Workbook. Click Unprotect Sheet or Protect Workbook and enter the password. Clicking Unprotect Sheet automatically removes the password from the sheet.

How do I unlock a password protected Excel file for free?


  1. Click “Browse…” and select the . XLS or . XLSX file you would like to unprotect.
  2. Agree to the Terms of Service by checking the appropriate check box.
  3. Click “Unlock File!” – and you’re done!