Can you connect an external CD drive to a tablet?

If the USB port of your tablet has enough power for external DVD drive and run windows system, it will work. … If the USB port of your tablet has enough power for external DVD drive and run windows system, it will work.

Can I connect an external DVD drive to my Android tablet?

As of this date, there is not an external DVD player that can connect to an Android tablet PC. So watching a movie directly from a DVD disc is not possible.

Can you play a CD on a tablet?

“Disc Link Platinum” is the app can be installed on [Android Tablet / Smart phone] (hereafter referred to as “Smart device”) to play or copy CD / DVD files, play audio files, rip audio CDs, back data up, burn audio CDs.

Can you connect external CD drive to iPad?

There is no Apple iOS device that supports a CD/DVD player. However, you could purchase a MacBook or another of Apple’s laptop options and plug in an external CD/DVD player. … Apple did away with built-in optical drives in their computers, at least, 7 years, ago and iPads have never had them.

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How do I access my external hard drive on my Samsung tablet?

No need for tutorials to connect a hard drive to your tablet or Android smartphone: simply plug them in using your brand new OTG USB cable. To manage files on the hard drive or USB stick connected to your smartphone, simply use a file explorer. When the device is plugged in, a new folder appears.

Can I connect an external DVD drive to my TV?

If your external DVD drive supports TV mode, then yes you can. All you have to do is to connect it to the TV and enable that mode, usually by ejecting the disc tray and holding down the eject button for a few seconds.

Can I use a DVD player as an external drive?

DVD programs can run on external hard drives. To play a DVD on a computer, you need appropriate software on a hard drive, or the DVD player won’t function. You can install the program onto an external hard drive, giving you the ability to play a DVD movie on your computer through the help of a removable drive.

How do I put a CD on my tablet?

How to Copy Music From CD to Android

  1. Insert the music CD into the CD/DVD or Bluray drive.
  2. Open the “Windows Media Player” application, which should already be installed on your Windows computer.
  3. The music disc should appear in the left pane of WMP. …
  4. Check the music tracks you would like to copy to your Android. …
  5. Select “Rip settings” > “Format” > “MP3“.

Can I connect my phone to a portable DVD player?

Connect your phone via USB to your DVD player. … A third option is to just buy a microUSB to HDMI connector cable, and connect your phone straight to the TV, at the phone’s native resolution (screen mirroring) Most of the device drivers are compatible and found within the Android 5 and 6 operating system.

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How do I connect my external DVD drive to my Smart TV?

Connect one terminal of USB cable to L.G. DVD as fitted and another to your T.V as fitted. ➤ Normally when DVD connect to TV will be in ODD mode. (optical disc drive) and one LED will blink left side of Eject button.

Can you play CDs on an iPad?

There’s no DVD slot in an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, but it’s easy to play your DVDs on these devices, or record them to play in your computer, without ever needing the DVDs again. This works the same as iTunes, which lets you record all your CDs into your computer so you never again need to juggle your discs.

How do I connect an external camera to my iPad?


  1. The Camera Connector features a USB interface. Just plug it into the dock connector port on your iPad, then attach your digital camera or iPhone using a USB cable (not included). …
  2. Use the SD Card Reader to import photos and videos directly from your camera’s SD card.

Can you connect a USB stick to a Samsung Galaxy Tab?

The USB connection between the Galaxy tablet and your computer works fastest when both devices are physically connected. You make this connection happen by using the USB cable that comes with the tablet. … One end of the USB cable plugs into the computer.