Can I sell a product on Amazon without a UPC?

What happens if I don’t have a UPC for Amazon?

If you sell a private-label or handmade product, you may be eligible for what’s called a GTIN exemption, meaning you do not need a UPC to list the product on Amazon. (We’ll get to this shortly.) … In simpler terms, GS1 is the only legitimate place to purchase a UPC code to use on Amazon.

Is UPC mandatory to sell on Amazon?

Product ID is one of the mandatory fields to be entered while creating new product listings on … Getting GTIN exemptions – While GTIN/UPC is a mandatory attribute for creating new listings on Amazon, you can create listings without GTIN under certain conditions.

How do I add items to Amazon without UPC?

Go to Inventory > Add a Product > click ‘I am adding a product not sold on Amazon’ and enter the product details. If there is no Product ID (Bar code, UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN) on your product or the packaging, you can apply for GTIN exemption and add your products without the Product ID.

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Can you sell on Amazon without a barcode?

If the item exists in the amazon catalogue use that product page. A product identifier is typically a barcode number. … If you do not have barcodes for your products; you can purchase them from suppliers such as [|] .

Can I make up a UPC code for Amazon?

Amazon requires sellers to have unique product codes (also called UPC codes) to list their products. There is only one legitimate global producer of UPC codes: GS1. … GS1 issues unique prefixes to brand owners so that they can create their own unique barcodes with the prefix number given to them by GS1.

How do I get a UPC for Amazon?

How to buy a UPC code for Amazon (with Images)

  1. Go to a reputable website that sells UPC Codes (Recommended: SnapUPC)
  2. Click on “Buy UPC codes Now”
  3. Enter the number of barcodes you want to purchase.
  4. Download the JPEG Images of your barcode and Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Create an Amazon Product Listing.

Do I need a barcode to sell my product?

No matter what you’re selling or where it comes from, it needs a barcode. Every product sold in a marketplace requires a barcode, even–or especially– if you make it yourself. If you are selling“private label” products, those will require a unique bar code number.

How do I get an Asin without a UPC?

If you are looking to sell a product that is already listed on Amazon and your product does not have a UPC code, you can list your offer on that product’s page without requiring a GTIN (GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number, which includes UPC codes as well as EAN and JAN codes, their European and Japanese …

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How do I put an item on Amazon to sell?

Upload a clear image/images of the product you want to sell & fill in the details of the product you want to sell. Add the price and quantity and review and publish your listing. Once this is done, you’ll probably get a screen congratulating you for successfully listing your product on Amazon.

Does my product need a UPC code?

If you have aspirations to sell nationwide or through large, corporate accounts, then UPC codes will be all but mandatory. Department stores and grocery chains expect these codes. So do big national retailers like Target.

What is PPU count in Amazon?

Price Per Unit (PPU) information is used by customers to compare and evaluate products during their shopping journey. … Unit count includes a value (unit_count, e.g. “5”) and a unit type (unit_count_type, e.g. “Millilitre”, “Count”). The unit count type is restricted to the following units: Count. Gram.

What is UPC exemption?

Amazon require you to provide a 12 or 14 digit UPC (or EAN or barcode) in order for sellers to be able to list their items on Amazon. In certain circumstances, like if you are the manufacturer of your items, you can request a UPC/EAN exemption or to apply for the Amazon Brand Registry.

What is Ian number?

The International Article Number (also known as European Article Number or EAN) is a standard describing a barcode symbology and numbering system used in global trade to identify a specific retail product type, in a specific packaging configuration, from a specific manufacturer.

How do I list an item on Amazon without a brand registry?

‘Amazon must approve your brand before you can use it to list products. Brands should be registered through Brand Registry, but if your brand is not eligible for Brand Registry, you can obtain an exception by contacting Seller Support and mentioning error code 5665.

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How do I get a UPC?

Go to and apply for a GS1 Company Prefix. Pricing can be found here (to buy codes and pay an annual fee) Option 2: If you don’t need your own prefix, you can go to and get codes without the annual fee. There, you can buy a single UPC for $10 each (or less if you buy more than one).