What is Post-retirement?

Post-retirement definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:

the act of retiring, withdrawing, or leaving; the state of being retired.
the act of retiring or of leaving one’s job, career, or occupation permanently, usually because of age: I’m looking forward to my retirement from teaching.
the portion of a person’s life during which a person is retired: What will you do in retirement?
a pension or other income on which a retired person lives: His retirement is barely enough to pay the rent.
removal of something from service or use: retirement of the space shuttle fleet.
withdrawal of a jury from a courtroom to deliberate in private on a verdict.
orderly withdrawal of a military force, according to plan, without pressure from the enemy.
withdrawal of securities from the market by a corporation, as through payment at maturity, repurchase, or exchange.
withdrawal into privacy or seclusion.
privacy or seclusion.
a private or secluded place.