What is Wind?

Wind is 1. air moving outdoors The wind blew two trees down in the park. There’s no point trying to use an umbrella in this wind. There’s not a breath of wind – the sailing boats aren’t moving at all. to run like the wind to run very fast He ran like the wind and won the race. 2. the ability to breathe to get your wind back to breathe properly again after running fast Just give me a moment to get my wind back and I’ll give you the message. to get your second wind to get enough breath again after running, so as to be able to make a new effort to get or have the wind up to be frightened (informal.) He got the wind up and ran away. to put the wind up someone to frighten someone (informal.) 3. gas which forms in the digestive system The baby is suffering from wind. to break wind to let gas escape from the intestines 4. to get wind of something to hear a rumour about something Somehow, our rivals got wind of our plan to expand our chain of stores. (verb) 1. to turn a key or handle to make a machine work Do you need to wind (up) the clock twice a week? 2. to twist round and round He wound the towel round his waist. She wound the string into a ball. 3. (of a river or path etc.) not to go straight, but with twists and turns The river winds across the plain. (NOTE: winding – wound ) 4. to make someone breathless, especially by hitting him in the chest She hit him with her umbrella and winded him.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level