What is Trick ?

Trick is (noun) 1. a clever act to deceive or confuse someone The recorded sound of barking is just a trick to make burglars think there is a dog in the house. to play a trick on someone to deceive or confuse someone He played a mean trick on his sister. My memory seems to be playing tricks on me. that should do the trick that should do what we want to be done (informal.) ‘There, that should do the trick’ he said as he tightened the last nut. 2. a round of a card game She trumped his ace and won the trick. hat trick (adj) which deceives Trick photography makes a tiny insect look like a giant monster. Synonym fake (verb) to deceive someone We’ve been tricked, there’s nothing in the box. to trick someone into doing something to make someone do something which they did not mean to do by means of a trick He tricked the old lady into giving him all her money. to trick someone out of something to get someone to lose something by a trick She tricked the bank out of £100,000.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level