What is Horses?

Horses definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
noun, plural, (especially collectively) horse.
a large, solid-hoofed, herbivorous quadruped, Equus caballus, domesticated since prehistoric times, bred in a number of varieties, and used for carrying or pulling loads, for riding, and for racing.
a fully mature male animal of this type; stallion.

any of several odd-toed ungulates belonging to the family Equidae, including the horse, zebra, donkey, and ass, having a thick, flat coat with a narrow mane along the back of the neck and bearing the weight on only one functioning digit, the third, which is widened into a round or spade-shaped hoof.
something on which a person rides, sits, or exercises, as if astride the back of such an animal: rocking horse.
Also called trestle. a frame, block, etc., with legs, on which something is mounted or supported.
Gymnastics. vaulting horse. pommel horse.

Carpentry. carriage(def 7).
soldiers serving on horseback; cavalry: a thousand horse.
Slang. a man; fellow.
Often horses. Informal. horsepower.
horses, Slang. the power or capacity to accomplish something, as by having enough money, personnel, or expertise: Our small company doesn’t have the horses to compete against a giant corporation.
Chess Informal. a knight.
Slang. a crib, translation, or other illicit aid to a student’s recitation; trot; pony.
Mining. a mass of rock enclosed within a lode or vein.
Nautical. traveler(def 6b).
Shipbuilding. a mold of a curved frame, especially one used when the complexity of the curves requires laying out at full size.
Slang. heroin.

verb (used with object), horsed,
to provide with a horse or horses.
to set on horseback.

to set or carry on a person’s back or on one’s own back.
Carpentry. to cut notches for steps into (a carriage beam).
to move with great physical effort or force: It took three men to horse the trunk up the stairs.
Slang. to make (a person) the target of boisterous jokes. to perform boisterously, as a part or a scene in a play.

Nautical. to caulk (a vessel) with a hammer. to work or haze (a sailor) cruelly or unfairly.

Archaic. to place (someone) on a person’s back, in order to be flogged.

verb (used without object), horsed,
to mount or go on a horse.
(of a mare) to be in heat.

Vulgar. to have coitus.

of, for, or pertaining to a horse or horses: the horse family; a horse blanket.
drawn or powered by a horse or horses.

mounted or serving on horses: horse troops.
unusually large.

Verb Phrases
horse around, Slang. to fool around; indulge in horseplay.