What is gloss?

gloss meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

In old manuscripts, an explanation, definition, or interpretation of a word or phrase, sometimes in a more familiar language, written in the margin, above the line of text to which it refers (interlinear), or in a special appendix called a glossary compiled by a glossator, glossographer, or glossarist. Glosses are common in medieval Bibles and legal texts. In a heavily glossed book,text and commentary might be written in parallel columns, with the glosses in a different script or in a smaller version of the script used for the text. Click here to see glosses in a 12th-century copy of the Epistles of St. Paul (Cornell University Library) and here to see a heavily glossed illuminated copy of the decretals of Gregory IX (Schøyen Collection, MS 1978). In some medieval manuscripts, the glosses appear to be glossed, as on this page in a 14th-century Italian legal digest (British Library, Arundel 433). In modern printing, a note in the left- or right-hand margin is called a side note and is usually set in a type size smaller than that of thetext to which it refers.The term can also mean a deliberately misleading interpretation. Also refers to the degree to which paper reflects light, a function of the smoothness of its surface.


reference: ABC-CLIO