What is conspectus?

conspectus meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

A survey of a topic or body of literature that takes a general or comprehensive view of the subject. Also, a summary or digest that retains the basic pattern or structure of a larger work but condenses the content considerably.In libraries, a method of uniform collection assessment developed in North America in 1979 to facilitate resource sharing. The system uses codes to survey strengths, levels of difficulty, linguistic and geographical coverage, etc., recorded on worksheets in subject areas based on Library of Congress Classification. In 1982, the Research Libraries Group initiated the RLG Conspectus Online to provide electronic access to data on the collections of research libraries in the United States. The system was subsequently adopted by the Association of Research Libraries for its North American Collection Inventory Project (NCIP). It has also been adapted by Library and Archives Canada and is used in the UK, Australia, and some European countries. In the 1990s, after the Western Library Network (WLN) developed PC software that enabled libraries to develop and maintain local collection assessment databases, use of RLG Conspectus Online dwindled, and the files were removed from the Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN) database in 1997. Click here to view the collecting levels of the RLG Conspectus, used in Library of Congress policy statements to define the extent of its collections.


reference: ABC-CLIO