Ask for

What is Ask for?

Ask for definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
verb (used with object)
to put a question to; inquire of: I asked him but he didn’t answer.
to request information about: to ask the way.
to try to get by using words; request: to ask advice; to ask a favor.
to solicit from; request of: Could I ask you a favor? Ask her for advice.

to demand; expect: What price are they asking? A little silence is all I ask.
to set a price of: to ask $20 for the hat.
to call for; need; require: This experiment asks patience.
to invite: to ask guests to dinner.
Archaic. to publish (banns).

verb (used without object)
to make inquiry; inquire: to ask about a person.
to request or petition (usually followed by for): to ask for leniency; to ask for food.