What is Well-trained?

Well-trained definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:

Railroads. a self-propelled, connected group of rolling stock.
a line or procession of persons, vehicles, animals, etc., traveling together.
Military. an aggregation of vehicles, animals, and personnel accompanying an army to carry supplies, baggage, ammunition, etc.
a series or row of objects or parts.
Machinery. a connected set of three or more rotating elements, usually gears, through which force is transmitted, or motion or torque changed.
order, especially proper order: Matters were in good train.
something that is drawn along; a trailing part.
an elongated part of a skirt or robe trailing behind on the ground.
a trail or stream of something from a moving object.
a line or succession of persons or things following one after the other.
a body of followers or attendants; retinue.
a series of proceedings, events, ideas, etc.
the series of results or circumstances following or proceeding from an event, action, etc.; aftermath: Disease came in the train of war.
a succession of connected ideas; a course of reasoning: to lose one’s train of thought.

  1. the trace of light created by a meteor falling through the earth’s atmosphere.
  2. the tail of a comet.
a line of combustible material, as gunpowder, for leading fire to an explosive charge.
Physics. a succession of wave fronts, oscillations, or the like.