What is Hold ?

Hold is (verb) 1. to keep something or someone tight, especially in your hand She was holding the baby in her arms. She held her ticket between her teeth as she was carrying suitcases in both hands. Hold tight – the machine is going to start. He held the bag close to his chest. 2. to contain things or people; to be large enough for something to fit inside The bottle holds two litres. The box will hold four pairs of shoes. Will the car hold eight people? The plane holds 250 passengers. 3. to make something happen They are holding a party for their wedding anniversary. The meeting will be held next Tuesday in the town hall. We are holding the village fete next week. 4. to stay the same Will the fine weather hold until Saturday? 5. to possess something She holds a valid driving licence. He holds the record for the 2000 metres. 6. hold the line, please (on the telephone) please wait a moment The chairman is on the other line – will you hold? 7. to keep someone inside The prisoners were held in police cells overnight. to hold water to be valid or true His argument doesn’t hold water. to hold your breath to keep air in your lungs, to go under water, as a test or because you are afraid that something will happen She held her breath under water for a minute. We’re all holding our breath to see if he wins a gold medal. 8. to capture and control a place The rebels are holding the airport. Government forces still hold about half the country. (NOTE: holding – held ) (noun) 1. the bottom part of a ship or an aircraft, in which cargo is stored You can’t take all that luggage with you, it has to go in the hold. 2. the action of gripping something He lost his hold on the ladder. Keep tight hold of the bag, we don’t want it stolen. to get hold of someone to find someone you need by telephone I tried to get hold of the doctor but he was out. to get hold of something to find something which you want to use Do you know where I can get hold of a ladder? to take hold to take control of something The fire took hold rapidly. to take hold of something to grip something Take hold of my hand. 3. the action of having a strong influence over someone She has some sort of hold over her husband.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level