Boot up

What is Boot up?

Boot up definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a covering of leather, rubber, or the like, for the foot and all or part of the leg.
Chiefly British. any shoe or outer foot covering reaching to the ankle.
an overshoe, especially one of rubber or other waterproof material.

an instrument of torture for the leg, consisting of a kind of vise extending from the knee to the ankle, tightened around the leg by means of screws.
any sheathlike protective covering: a boot for a weak automobile tire.
a protective covering for the foot and part of the leg of a horse.
a protecting cover or apron for the driver’s seat of an open vehicle.
the receptacle or place into which the top of a convertible car fits when lowered.
a cloth covering for this receptacle or place.
British. the trunk of an automobile.
a rubber covering for the connection between each spark-plug terminal and ignition cable in an automotive ignition system.
Also called Denver boot. a metal device attached to the wheel of a parked car so that it cannot be driven away until a fine is paid or the owner reports to the police: used by police to catch scofflaws.
U.S. Navy, Marines. a recruit.
Music. the box that holds the reed in the reed pipe of an organ.
a kick.
Slang. a dismissal; discharge: They gave him the boot for coming in late.
Informal. a sensation of pleasure or amusement: Watching that young skater win a gold medal gave me a real boot.
Baseball. a fumble of a ball batted on the ground, usually to the infield.
Computers. an act or instance of starting up a computer or program.

verb (used with object)
to kick; drive by kicking: The boy booted a tin can down the street.
Football. to kick.

Baseball. to fumble (a ground ball).
to put boots on; equip or provide with boots.
Computers. to start (a computer) by loading and initializing the operating system (often followed by up).to start (a program) by loading the first few instructions, which will then bring in the rest (often followed by up).

Slang. to dismiss; discharge: They booted him out of school for not studying.
to attach a Denver boot to: Police will boot any car with unpaid fines.
to torture with the boot.

verb (used without object)
Computers. to start a computer or program, or be started in this way (often followed by up): My laptop won’t boot and shows a blank screen.