Blow it

What is Blow it?

Blow it definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the highest or loftiest point or part of anything; apex; summit.
the uppermost or upper part, surface, etc., of anything.

the higher end of anything on a slope.
British. a part considered as higher: the top of the street. high gear of an automobile.

tops, the part of a plant that grows above ground, especially of an edible root. one of the tender tips of the branches or shoots of plants.

the part of anything that is first or foremost; beginning: Let’s go over it from the top again.
the highest or leading place, position, rank, etc.: at the top of the class.
the highest point, pitch, or degree: to talk at the top of one’s voice.
a person or thing that occupies the highest or leading position.
the best or choicest part: the top of all creation.
a covering or lid, as of a container or vehicle.
the head.
any of various outer garments for the upper body, as a blouse, shirt, or sweater: a sale on cotton tops and shorts.
Nautical. a platform surrounding the head of a lower mast on a ship, and serving as a foothold, a means of extending the upper rigging, etc.
Chemistry. the part of a mixture under distillation that volatilizes first.
Bridge. the best card of a suit in a player’s hand. (in duplicate bridge) the best score on a hand.

Sports. a stroke that hits the ball above its center. the forward spin given to the ball by such a stroke.

Baseball. the first half of an inning. the first three batters in the batting order.

Slang. the dominant partner in a sexual relationship or encounter, especially the penetrator in anal intercourse (opposed to bottom).
Textiles. a cluster of textile fibers, especially tow, put on a distaff. a strand of the long wool fibers in sliver form, separated from noil by combing and wound into a large ball. a similar strand of rayon.

Jewelry. crown(def 27).
the tops, Informal. the most outstanding person or thing in ability, favor, etc.: As a friend, she’s the tops.

pertaining to, situated at, or forming the top; highest; uppermost; upper: the top shelf.
highest in degree; greatest: to pay top prices.

foremost, chief, or principal: to win top honors in a competition.

verb (used with object), topped, top