What is Arthrosclerosis?

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Sir Arthur John,1851a??1941, English archaeologist.
Dame Edith,1888a??1976, English actress.
Herbert McA.Lean [muh-kleyn] /mE?E?kleEan/, 1882a??1971, U.S. embryologist and anatomist.
Janet,born 1971, U.S. swimmer.
Mary Ann. Eliot, George.
Maurice,1901a??1989, U.S. actor and producer, born in England.

Oliver,1755a??1819, U.S. inventor: constructed the first high-pressure steam engine in the U.S. 1801?.
RobA.ley DunA.gliA.son [rob-lee duhng-gluh-suha??n] /E?rE?ba??li E?dE?A?a??glE?a??sE?n/, Fighting Bob, 1846a??1912, U.S. admiral.
RuA.dulph [roo-duhlf] /E?rua??dE?lf/, 1878a??1960, U.S. sculptor.
Walker,1903a??75, U.S. photographer.
William JohnBill, 1929a??80, U.S. jazz pianist.
Mount, a mountain in N central Colorado, in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. 14,264 feet (4348 meters).