What is Upping?

Upping definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
to, toward, or in a more elevated position: to climb up to the top of a ladder.
to or in an erect position: to stand up.

out of bed: to get up.
above the horizon: The moon came up.
to or at any point that is considered higher.
to or at a source, origin, center, or the like: to follow a stream up to its source.
to or at a higher point or degree, as of rank, size, value, pitch, loudness, brightness, maturity, or speed: to move up in a firm; to pump up a tire; to turn a lantern up; Prices are going up. Speak up! Hurry up!
ahead; in a leading position in a competition: He managed to get up on his opponent by three points.
in continuing contact, especially as reflecting continuing awareness, knowledge, etc.: to keep up with the latest developments in mathematics.
into or in activity, operation, etc.: to set up vibrations.
into a state of emotional agitation or distress: His insults left her all roiled up.
into existence, visible form, etc.: His sample was worked up in the studio.
into view, prominence, or consideration: The lost papers have turned up.
into or in a place of safekeeping, storage, retirement, etc.: to lay up riches; to put up preserves.
into or in a state of union, contraction, etc.: to add up a column of figures; to fold up.
to the required or final point: to pay up one’s debts; burned up.
to a state of completion; to an end: She finished it all up.
to a halt: The riders reined up and dismounted.
Baseball. being the player or team batting; at bat.
(used as a function word for additional emphasis, sometimes preceded by it): Go wake your father up. What plugged it up? We laughed it up.
ahead of an opponent or opponents in points, games, etc.: The golfer was two strokes up on his nearest competitor.
each; apiece: The score was seven up in the final quarter.
(of machines or equipment, as computers) working; in working order or in operation.
Informal. without the addition of ice; straight up: Bring me a martini, up.
Nautical. toward the wind: Put the helm up.

to, toward, or at an elevated place on or in: They went up the stairs. The cat is up the tree.
to, toward, or at a high or higher station, condition, or rank on or in: He is well up the social ladder.

at or to a farther point or higher place on or in: She is up the street. I’m going up the street.
toward the source, origin, etc., of: up the stream.
toward a particular direction or in the interior of, as a region or territory: The explorers were up north.
in a course or direction that is contrary to that of: to row up the current.

moving in or related to a direction that is up or is regarded as up: the up elevator; the up train traveling north; the up platform of a railroad station.
informed; familiar; aware (usually followed by on or in): She is always up on current events.

concluded; ended; finished; terminated: The game is up. Your hour is up.
going on or happening; taking place; occurring: What’s up over there?
having a high position or station: He is up in society.
in an erect, vertical, or raised position: The gate at the railroad crossing is up. The tent is up.
above the earth or ground: The corn is up and ready to be harvested.
in the air; aloft: The meteorological balloons are up. The airplanes are up for their reconnaissance flights.
(of heavenly bodies) risen above the horizon: The sun is up.
awake or out of bed: to be up with insomnia.
mounted on horseback: He knows which jockeys are up in every race.
(of water in natural bodies) high with relation to the banks or shore: The tide is up.
built; constructed: The new museum is up and open to the public.
facing upward: He is resting and his face is up.
sunny-side up.
(of roads, highways, etc.) having the surface broken or removed (usually used in combination): a torn-up road.
in revolt, mutiny, or rebellious agitation: Many territories were up and preparing to send troops against the government.
in a state of agitation: Beware of him when his temper is up.
Informal. cheerful or optimistic; high-spirited; happy; exuberant; upbeat.
Informal. productive, favorable, or profitable: a string of up months for the company.
afoot or amiss: Her nervous manner told me that something was up.
in a state of enthusiastic or confident readiness (usually followed by for): The team was definitely up for the game.
bound; on the way: She was on a ship up for Australia.
resolved in an unfavorable or undesired way: They knew that their game was up.
higher than formerly in cost, amount, degree, etc.: The price of meat was up.
(of age) advanced (usually followed by in): He is rather spry for a man so up in years.
active: The captain wished to set sail as soon as the wind was up.
in a legal proceeding as defendant: He is up for murder.
in operation or ready for use: The theater’s lights are up.
(of points or other standards used to determine the winner in a competition) ahead; in advance: He won the game with two points up over his opponent.
considered or under consideration: a candidate up for reelection; a bill that is up before Congress.
wagered; bet: He won all the money up in the game.
living or located inland or on elevated ground: They live in a village two miles up from the coast.
(used with a preceding numeral to indicate that a score is tied in a competition): It was 10 up at the end of the first half.
ahead of an opponent or opponents: They scored three times in a row to go two up.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/upping