Stud welding

What is Stud welding?

Stud welding definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a boss, knob, nailhead, or other protuberance projecting from a surface or part, especially as an ornament.
any of various buttonlike, usually ornamental objects, mounted on a shank that is passed through an article of clothing to fasten it: a collar stud.
any of a number of slender, upright members of wood, steel, etc., forming the frame of a wall or partition and covered with plasterwork, siding, etc.

any of various projecting pins, lugs, or the like, on machines or other implements.
Automotive. any of a large number of small projecting lugs embedded in an automobile tire (studded tire) to improve traction on snowy or icy roads.
an earring consisting of a small, buttonlike ornament mounted on a metal post designed to pass through a pierced ear lobe.
Horology. the piece to which the fixed end of a hairspring is attached.

verb (used with object), stud