What is Spouter?

Spouter definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
verb (used with object)
to emit or discharge forcibly (a liquid, granulated substance, etc.) in a stream or jet.
Informal. to state or declaim volubly or in an oratorical manner: He spouted his theories on foreign policy for the better part of the night.

verb (used without object)
to discharge, as a liquid, in a jet or continuous stream.
to issue forth with force, as liquid or other material through a narrow orifice.

Informal. to talk or speak at some length or in an oratorical manner.

a pipe, tube, or liplike projection through or by which a liquid is discharged, poured, or conveyed.
a trough or shoot for discharging or conveying grain, flour, etc.

a waterspout.
a continuous stream of liquid, granulated substance, etc., discharged from or as if from a pipe, tube, shoot, etc.
a spring of water.
a downpour or fall, especially of water, from a high place; waterfall.
a dumbwaiter or chute, formerly common in pawnbrokers’ shops, by which articles pawned were sent to another floor for storage.
British Slang. pawnshop.


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