What is Resolution?

Resolution meaning Joint – Legislation requesting a study or expressing the views or sentiments of both houses but originating in one house. After passage, the joint resolution (e.g. House Joint Resolution 55 or Senate Joint Resolution 34) is signed by both speakers and the governor.Simple – Legislation expressing the views of one house. After passage, a House Resolution or Senate Resolution is signed by the respective speaker of the house.


reference: Tennessee General Assembly – Glossary of Terms



What is Resolution ?

Resolution is (noun) 1. a decision to be taken at a meeting to put a resolution to a meeting to ask a meeting to vote on a proposal The meeting passed or carried or adopted the resolution. The meeting rejected the resolution or the resolution was defeated by ten votes to twenty. 2. the fact of being determined to do something Her resolution to succeed is so strong that I am sure she will get through. 3. (of a TV or computer image) the clearness of a picture on a screen, calculated as the number of pixels per unit of area


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level