Roll over

What is Roll over?

Roll over definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
verb (used without object)
to move along a surface by revolving or turning over and over, as a ball or a wheel.
to move or be moved on wheels, as a vehicle or its occupants.

to flow or advance in a stream or with an undulating motion, as water, waves, or smoke.
to extend in undulations, as land.
to elapse, pass, or move, as time (often followed by on, away, or by).
to move as in a cycle (usually followed by round or around): as soon as summer rolls round again.
to perform a periodical revolution in an orbit, as a heavenly body.
to emit or have a deep, prolonged sound, as thunder, drums, etc.
to trill, as a bird.
to revolve or turn over, once or repeatedly, as a wheel on an axis or a person or animal lying down.
to turn around in different directions or in a circle, as the eyes in their sockets.
(of a vessel) to rock from side to side in open water.Compare heave(def 14b), pitch1(def 20). to sail with a side-to-side rocking motion.

to walk with a swinging or swaying gait.
Informal. to begin to move or operate; start; commence: Let’s roll at sunrise.
Informal. to go forward or advance without restrictions or impediments: The economy is finally beginning to roll.
to curl up so as to form a tube or cylinder.
to admit of being formed into a tube or cylinder by curling up.
to be spread out after being curled up (usually followed by out).
to spread out as under a roller: The paint rolls easily.
Aviation. (of an aircraft or rocket) to deviate from a stable flight attitude by rotation about its longitudinal axis.

verb (used with object)
to cause to move along a surface by revolving or turning over and over, as a cask, a ball, or a hoop.
to move along on wheels or rollers; convey in a wheeled vehicle.

to drive, impel, or cause to flow onward with a sweeping or undulating motion: The wind rolled the waves high on the beach.
to utter or give forth with a full, flowing, continuous sound: rolling his orotund phrases.
to trill: to roll one’s r’s.
to cause to revolve or turn over or over and over: to roll oneself on one’s face.
to cause to sway or rock from side to side, as a ship.
to wrap (something) around an axis, around upon itself, or into a cylindrical shape, ball, or the like: to roll string.
to make by forming a tube or cylinder: to roll a cigarette.
to spread out flat (something curled up) (often followed by out): He rolled the map out on the table.
to wrap, enfold, or envelop, as in some covering: to roll a child in a blanket.
to spread out, level, smooth, compact, or the like, as with a rolling pin, roller, the hands, etc.: to roll dough; to roll a tennis court.
to form (metal) in a rolling mill.
to tumble (metal pieces and abrasives) in a box or barrel in such a way that their relative positions remain the same.
to beat (a drum) with rapid, continuous strokes.
(in certain games, as craps) to cast, or throw (dice).
Printing. to apply (ink) with a roller or series of rollers.
Slang. to rob, especially by going through the pockets of a victim who is either asleep or drunk.

a document of paper, parchment, or the like, that is or may be rolled up, as for storing; scroll.
a list, register, or catalog, especially one containing the names of the persons belonging to a company, class, society, etc.

anything rolled up in a ringlike or cylindrical form: a roll of wire.
a number of papers or other items rolled up together.
a length of cloth, wallpaper, or the like, rolled up in cylindrical form (often forming a definite measure).
a cylindrical or rounded mass of something: rolls of fat.
some article of cylindrical or rounded form, as a molding.
a cylindrical piece upon which something is rolled along to facilitate moving.
a cylinder serving as a core upon which something is rolled up.
a roller with which something is spread out, leveled, crushed, smoothed, compacted, or the like.
Cookery. thin cake spread with jelly or the like and rolled up. a small cake of bread, originally and still often rolled or doubled on itself before baking. meat rolled up and cooked.

the act or process or an instance of rolling.
undulation, as of a surface: the roll of a prairie.
a sonorous or rhythmical flow of words.
a deep, prolonged sound, as of thunder: the deep roll of a breaking wave.
the trill of certain birds, especially of the roller canary.
the continuous sound of a drum rapidly beaten.
a rolling motion, as of a ship.
a rolling or swaying gait.
Aerospace. a single, complete rotation of an airplane about the axis of the fuselage with little loss of altitude or change of direction. (of an aircraft or rocket) the act of rolling. the angular displacement caused by rolling.

Informal. paper currency carried folded or rolled up: He took out an impressive roll and paid the check with a $100 bill. bankroll; funds: People were encouraged to shoot their rolls on mining speculation.

(in various dice games) a single cast of or turn at casting the dice. the total number of pips or points made by a single cast; score or point.