What is Licker?

Licker definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
verb (used with object)
to pass the tongue over the surface of, as to moisten, taste, or eat (often followed by up, off, from, etc.): to lick a postage stamp; to lick an ice-cream cone.
to make, or cause to become, by stroking with the tongue: to lick a spoon clean.

(of waves, flames, etc.) to pass or play lightly over: The flame licked the dry timber.
Informal. to hit or beat, especially as a punishment; thrash; overcome or defeat, as in a fight, game, or outdo or surpass.

verb (used without object)
to move quickly or lightly.

a stroke of the tongue over something.
as much as can be taken up by one stroke of the tongue.
salt lick.

Informal. a blow.a brief, brisk burst of activity or energy.a quick pace or clip; speed.a small amount: I haven’t done a lick of work all week.

Usually licks. a critical or complaining remark.
Usually licks. Jazz Slang. a musical phrase, as by a soloist in improvising.