What is Draw ?

Draw is (noun) 1. the act of choosing the winner in a lottery The draw is held on Saturdays. We are holding a draw to raise money for the local hospital. 2. a game where there is no winner The game ended in a draw, 2 2. 3. an attraction The zoo is a great draw for children. The new safari park will be the biggest draw in the area. 4. he is quick on the draw he reacts very quickly (verb) 1. to make a picture with a pen or pencil He drew a picture of the house. She’s drawing a pot of flowers. 2. not to have a winner in a game The teams drew 2 2. the match was drawn neither side won 3. to pull open or to close Can you draw the curtains it’s getting dark. She drew the curtains and let in the sun. 4. to pull out He drew a notepad out of his pocket. She was drawing water from a well. to draw lots to take pieces of paper from a box to decide something. The person who has the marked piece wins. We drew lots to decide who would go first. They drew lots for the bottle of whisky. 5. to receive money He doesn’t draw a salary, but charges us for his expenses. Next year I’ll be drawing my old age pension. 6. he drew a blank he was unsuccessful in his search to draw the line at something to refuse to do something I draw the line at inviting your sister to my birthday party.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level