What is Clutch ?

Clutch is (noun) 1. a tight clasp She felt the clutch of his fingers on her sleeve. in the clutches of under the control of If the company were to get into their clutches it would be a disaster. 2. a mechanism for changing the gears in a car The car has just had a new clutch fitted. clutch pedal the pedal which works the clutch and allows the driver to change gear to let in the clutch to make the clutch engage Let the clutch in slowly, or you’ll stall the car. to let out the clutch to disengage the engine from the gears 3. several eggs laid together in a nest The bird laid a clutch of seven eggs.(verb) to grab hold of She clutched my arm as we stood on the edge of the cliff. Synonym grasp


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level