What is Burn ?

Burn is (noun) 1. a burnt area of the skin or a surface She had burns on her face and hands. There’s a burn on the edge of the table where he left his cigarette. 2. (in Scotland.) a small river (verb) 1. to damage or destroy by fire or by heat All our clothes were burnt in the hotel fire. She burnt her finger on the hot frying pan. The hotel was burnt to the ground last year. The sun and wind burnt his face. look, you’ve burnt the bacon you’ve cooked the bacon so much that it is black to burn the candle at both ends to work much too hard (informal.) He gets up early to go to the office, and comes home late he’s burning the candle at both ends. to have or get your fingers burnt to suffer a loss He got his fingers burnt in the American legal case. he’s burnt his boats or his bridges he can’t go back now 2. to be on fire The firemen were called to the burning school. 3. to use as a fuel The cooker burns gas.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level