What is While?

While is (noun) 1. some time It’s a while since I’ve seen him. in a while in a short time, soon I’ll be ready in a while. a little while short period of time Do you mind waiting a little while until a table is free? quite a while a longer period of time He changed jobs quite a while ago. once in a while from time to time, but not often It’s nice to go to have an Indian meal once in a while. 2. to be worth someone’s while to be worth doing It’s worth your while keeping copies of your work, in case your computer goes wrong. worthwhile (conj) 1. when, at the time that He tried to cut my hair while he was watching TV. While we were on holiday someone broke into our house. Shall I clean the kitchen while you’re having a bath? 2. showing difference He likes meat, while his sister is a vegetarian. She only earns £120 a week while everyone else in the office earns twice that. Everyone is watching TV, while I’m in the kitchen making the dinner. 3. although While there may still be delays, the service is much better than it used to be.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level