What is Stamp ?

Stamp is (noun) 1. a little piece of paper with a price printed on it which you stick on a letter to show that you have paid for it to be sent by post You need a 27p stamp for that letter. She forgot to put a stamp on the letter before she posted it. He wants to show me his stamp collection. 2. a machine for making a mark on something We have a stamp for marking letters when they come into the office. 3. a mark made on something The invoice has the stamp ‘re- ceived with thanks’ on it. The customs offi- cer looked at the stamps in his passport.(verb) 1. to stick a stamp on a letter or parcel All the envelopes need to be sealed and stamped. 2. to mark something with a stamp They stamped my passport when I entered the country. 3. to walk heavily, banging your feet on the ground They stamped on the ants to kill them. He was so angry that he stamped out of the room. 4. to make a noise by banging your feet on the ground The au- dience stamped on the floor in time to the music.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level