What is Clotted?

Clotted definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a mass or lump.
a semisolid mass, as of coagulated blood.
a small compact group of individuals: a clot of sightseers massed at the entrance.

British Informal. blockhead, dolt, clod.

verb (used without object), clotA.ted, clotA.ting.
to form into clots; coagulate.

verb (used with object), clotA.ted, clotA.ting.
to cause to clot.
to cover with clots: Carefully aimed snowballs clotted the house.

to cause to become blocked or obscured: to clot the book’s narrative with too many characters.

RELATED WORDScurdle, congeal, thicken, set, jelly, lump, coalesce, solidify, gelatinize, jell, lopper, clabber, jellify, gel