What is Clip ?

Clip is (noun) 1. especially US a piece of jewellery which clips onto your clothes He wore a gold clip on his tie. She has a diamond clip on her dress. 2. a short piece of film Here is a clip of the president getting into the car. 3. a clip round the ear a smack on the side of the head (informal.) Stop that noise or you’ll get a clip round the ear.(verb) 1. to attach things together with a clip She clipped the invoice and the cheque together and put them in an envelope. These earrings are made to clip onto your ears. 2. to cut something with scissors The dog has its fur clipped once a month. He carefully clipped the article out of the newspaper. 3. to hit slightly The wing of the plane clipped the top of the tree before it crashed. (NOTE: clipping – clipped)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level