What is Superiorly?

Superiorly definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
higher in station, rank, degree, importance, etc.: a superior officer.
above the average in excellence, merit, intelligence, etc.: superior math students.
of higher grade or quality: superior merchandise.
greater in quantity or amount: superior numbers.

showing a consciousness or feeling of being better than or above others: superior airs.
not yielding or susceptible (usually followed by to): to be superior to temptation.
higher in place or position: We moved our camp to superior ground.
Botany. situated above some other organ.(of a calyx) seeming to originate from the top of the ovary.(of an ovary) free from the calyx.

Anatomy. (of an organ or part) higher in place or position; situated above another.toward the head.Compare inferior(def 7).

Printing. written or printed high on a line of text, as the